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Onmyoji Beginners Guide (Best Tips and Tricks)

Get EXP Buffs Ready On the main screen of Onmyoji, there is a Bonus lantern. You can tap this to see all the EXP Buffs you have available. When not using a buff you need to make sure that you have it paused. When the buffs bar is red it...


5 Fun Mobile Card Games Like Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

Card games are more than just mind-boggling. They give players ultimate entertainment. With lots of advanced devices around us, you don’t have to walk everywhere with decks of cards. Your mobile phone is enough to give you everything. In fact, it enables you to play anywhere and anytime. Here...


6 Dragon Mobile Games Worth Playing for Android and iOS

Are you an active mobile gamer? Check out our list of the best dragon mobile games worth playing. These games are simple and entertaining. They have been designed in such a way that even non-active mobile gamers will love them. Dragonvale This a simulation game that allows you to...


6 Fun Mobile Moba Games Like Arena of Valor – AoV

Arena of Valor is one of the newest 5v5 MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games to come out on the mobile platform. Need more fun MOBA mobile games like Arena of Avalor? Here are 6 more games to keep you playing. Mobile Legends Bang Bang First on this list...


6 Fun Mobile Endless Runner Games Worth Playing

Experience the adrenaline rush with 6 Fun Mobile Endless Runner Games Worth Playing. The games are action-packed, fun-filled and will leave you glued to your screen for hours. The quick play and simple control make endless runner games preferred choice for many. Here are the best endless runner games. More

Top 5 Best Mobile First Person Shooter Games

There’s still no better way to experience exciting gameplay and astounding graphics than via the first person shooter (FPS) games. These games are enjoyable as they give you excellent shooting experience. So, if you’re an FPS enthusiast, below are some of the best FPS games that you can enjoy on...


6 Fun MMORPG Mobile Games for Android and iOS

MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), or MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games as they are commonly known as are fun online games that feature several players in the same “universe” simultaneously. As an MMO player, you get to interact with several other players (up to millions) in the shared...


Top 5 Best Free Fighting Mobile Games for Android & iOS

Mobile games have greatly evolved with time. Contrary to a decade ago when the only games available on mobile devices were simple such as Snake Xenzia, today’s mobile games are quite captivating and have high-level graphics. The mobile gaming industry is growing at a very fast rate, with the current...


Strategy Guide for Pixel Gun 3D

The guide below is based on the video so be sure to watch that first. Big thanks to TylerGGTV. Pixel Gun 3D Strategy Guide Hey everyone, welcome to the Pixel Gun 3D Strategy Guide. This guide is from level 1 to the highest level to kick start you guys without...


10 Free Anime Mobile Games Worth Playing

Anime mobile games are definitely something you want to try. They generally have a simpler storyline, design and gameplay but playing them on phone, anywhere makes it even more fun. If you wish to try out some amazing anime mobile games, how about our recommendations below? 1. Tales of Link This...