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[Top 10] Best Marvel Strike Force F2P Characters

By Gamer Dan April 11, 2018

Welcome to the newbie guide for getting some of the best characters in Marvel Strike Force. In this article, we will go over the top choices you want in terms of farming character shards.


Where to get: Complete daily objectives

Wolverine is technically a reward for just completing your daily objectives. Now let’s go over some of the pros of wolverine. First of all, he is free and you get 5 free shards after obtaining him if you complete all dailies. He does good damage and his passive gives him a passive regen, allowing him to sustain himself in long drawn out battles if he isn’t targeted.

The cool thing about his attacks have pierce and can bleed if he crits. His second skill starts off usable and you can deal some AoE damage if needed. His third skill works best if you drop below 50% health, essentially giving you a nice damage boost and the enemy cannot dodge.

As a free to play user, he is the best gift the developers can give you just by playing the game. The only downside is that aside from completing daily objectives, there isn’t a farming method to obtain him.


Where to get: Nexus 2-9, Blitz Shop

Gamora’s best asset is her ability to get another turn upon killing an enemy. Her basic attack can hit pretty hard if RNG is on your side. Her second skill is a small AoE that grants another turn if an enemy is killed. The same goes for the third skill except that it is single target.

If you can build an AoE team around Gamora, she can clean out the entire enemy team with resets. However, this is easier said than done.


Where to get: Arena Store

Drax is an excellent bruiser that taunts right at the start of the battle. That means your entire team is free to attack since Drax will get focused on. He is quite tanky and with his passive drain and his regular attack having HP drain, he can sustain himself and take a beating without dying.

However, heal block will make his Hp drain useless and is his biggest counter. Other than that, he can also taunt on the second turn if you use his second skill. He is quite useful in the arena and I use him quite often to soak up damage while I use offensive brawlers like Gamora, Spiderman and Elektra to deal DPS.

Night Nurse

Where to get: Villains 3-9, Heroes 5-9

The night nurse is a significant upgrade to the SHIELD medic. Her first skill can apply slow 50% of the time once upgraded. Her second skill is a strong single target heal while her third skill is an strong team heal.

Her passive gives a 25% chance to heal a low health unit at the start of each turn, which is great in Alliance raids. I suggest you get her as soon as possible.

Hand Sentry

Where to get: Nexus 7-3

Hand sentry is underrated. More of an Off-Tank like CB instead of a full fledged tank like Luke Cage, the sentry does his job very well. His basic attack has a large modifier on it and his Smoke Bomb special is a great way to keep allies safe from either turn 1 specials or as a GET OUT OF JAIL free card for enemy ultimates as long as the Sentry himself can actually tank them. With his passive and stat growth, he is surprisingly bulky.


Where to get: Heroes 1-9, Nexus 6-9

He is a support attacker that can summon allies and give the entire team offense up. His third skill Yaka Arrow attacks everyone and has a very high undodgeable chance that pierces. If you don’t have Kingpin, Yondu will be someone you want to unlock early for Villain and Cosmic campaign.


Where to get: Event: Double-Crossed, Villains 4-9

Crossbones is actually a very good offensive tank with his third skill being able to deal a lot of damage to the enemy team while hurting himself. The goal is to taunt the first round, then explode on the enemy team for massive damage after in the arena.


Where to get: Arena Store

Quake’s passive benefits SHIELD members and also gets extra focus. Her basic skill slows enemies and is very useful in giving your entire team a speed advantage.

Her second skill shockwave clears a beneficial effect of the targeted enemy and can also attack other enemies too.

Her third skill is a strong AoE attack with a chance to apply offense down to an enemy. The good thing is this skill only takes 3 turns from the start of battle to use.

Have a tank with taunt and she can deal some serious CC and damage!


Where to get: Villains 1-9, Heroes 6-6

His primary attack cannot be dodged and pierces! He has a mini AoE in his second skill that clears positive effects and slightly reduces enemy speed bar.

His third skill can apply blind to all enemies, making it a great crowd control skill. He is pretty much an assassin counter. He does well against Nebula, Elektra, Spiderman etc.

Captain America

Where to get: Heroes 6-9, Nexus 5-9, Mystic 3-6

The ever popular CA is a great tank that always does what he does best – blocking! His first skill can attack multiple enemies and give him a defense up.

His second skill taunts enemies and he gains defense up. The cool thing about his taunt is that a random ally gets 1 energy bar, which helps if your team has characters that have high energy cost.

His third skill clears positive effects of enemies. That means he can help clear taunt sometimes, depending on the tank. For example, if you fight against Drax, he can clear his taunt right away!

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