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Dragon City Food Guide

By Gamer Dan January 11, 2018

I am going to give you the amount of food that you will need to get your dragons to level 30.

Food Chart for Dragon City

GRAND TOTAL: 4,204,601 Food PER dragon to level 30.

More Food Dragon City

Food Farm Guide

There are 3 Food Farms you can build in this game.

Food Farm

Depending on how active you are, growing the 30 sec food yields the best gold/food ratio. However, it requires constant clicking which can annoy some players. The best one for the later stages are the 12 hour Rainbow Flower. They are the most cost efficient food at the later stages of the game.

Food NameFarm TypeHarvest TimeGold PriceFood GainXP EarnedFood/HourGold/Food
Backyard GardenerFood Farm0:00:305052560010
GardenerFood Farm0:05:002502525030010
GrowerFood Farm0:30:001,00075100015013.33333333
FarmerBig Food Farm2:00:005,000200500010025
CultivatorBig Food Farm6:00:0015,000500150008330
HarvesterBig Food Farm3:00:00150,0002,2501875075066.66666667
Mass HarvesterHuge Food Farm9:00:001,000,00010,0001000001111100
ProducerHuge Food Farm12:00:003,000,00025,0001500002083120
Super ProducerHuge Food Farm24:00:0020,000,000150,00012500006250133.3333333

This chart was provided by James Victor Hamilton. Thank you!

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