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Dragon City Breeding Sanctuary

By Gamer Dan January 11, 2018

Dragon City Breeding Sanctuary Guide

The DC Breeding Sanctuary is a new feature added by Social Point. There is primarily 5 levels of different dragons you can unlock to breed. You will need gems though. To unlock the level 1 sanctuary for breeding, you will need 25 gems.

This is only available after you have reached level 25. Upgrading the sanctuary costs gold or gems.

Level 1 – 25 Gems

Level 2 – 90 Gems

Level 3 – 120 Gems

Level 4 – 180 Gems

Level 5 – 280 Gems

Below are the dragons you can breed:

Level 1 – Deep Red, Wizard, Ninja, Burning

Level 2- Wizard, Steam, Quake

Level 3 – Dujur, Gargoyle, Magnet, Apocalypse

Level 4 – Blue, Glacial, Howl, Promethium

Level 5 – Meteor, Forge, Abyss

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