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New Pirate Champion

By Gamer Dan May 29, 2018

It looks like there will be a new champion released for Dungeon Hunter Champions. We are nor sure of all the exact details but here is what we do know.

The event is live! Check out the rewards!

It’s a Pirate champion with a monkey pet. Check out this reveal picture from the DHC facebook page.

It looks like you will be able to get the champion through an event that is coming soon. From what we know, you will be able to get one element from Arena related gameplay, one from 5 v 5 related gameplay and the rest from an exclusive summon.

We suspect that he will be a natural 4 star marksman/support champion, but that is just a wild guess.


Here are some skill previews that were posted in the official Discord.

Here is the name of the Dark Pirate:

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