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Mid June Mega Update

By webmaster June 13, 2018

Dungeon Hunter Champions and the Gameloft team have released a huge set of updates and quality of life adjustments.

We will give you a quick summary if you don’t want to read all of the patch notes.

  • Fixed rollback issues
  • Champion Grid View and Filtering
  • Mass Gear Selling
  • Buy Energy directly from results screen
  • Sell gear without unequipping
  • Mass sell gear
  • Fire Monkey Buff and removal from summoning
  • Several Guild settings added
  • Many arena adjustments including revenge
  • 5 v 5 Balancing and stability
  • A ton of Hero Balancing

Note: We have a lot of work to do to update all of the champions. If you want to help, please hit us up in our Discord at the bottom of the page.

Video Summary

Schizophrenic Gamer did a great review video for the patch.

Rollback Issues Addressed

  • Fixed an issue where the 400 item limit to gear inventory was not applied correctly. This should solve any remaining rollback issues (Players who accumulated thousands of pieces of gear and could not save correctly).
  • All players now need to sell gear down to the limit of 400 to prevent any future issue (do not forget to use the “Mass selling” gear, more info below).

Menus & Metagame

  • New Feature: Grid View in the Champions menu!
    • Allows players to see more Champions at once!
    • Filtering options to find Champions faster (especially Fuzzlepuffs!)
  • New Feature: “Mass selling” gear!
  • New Feature: Buy Energy directly from the results screen at the end of a battle (no need to go back in the shop).
  • New Feature: It is now possible to sell equipped gear pieces without unequipping them.
  • Timer is now shown on results screen and Battle Report.
  • Battle Report is now accessible from failed battle too.
  • Warning popup is now displayed when a player equips a 4-star, 5-star or 6-star to inform him/her that it will cost gold to unequip.
  • Removed Fire Monkey King from all summoning drop tables – he can only be obtained on the Adventure map. This could change in the future.
  • Added Water, Nature, and Fire Squire to the drop table for Common Discs.
  • Show ascending bonus in the Ascend menu.
  • Removed confirmation message for “Clean Up” and added one to “Claim All” in your inbox.
  • Many small visual improvements in menus.
  • Fixed an issue where chat window would scroll down to the bottom every time a new message appeared, even if the user was scrolling up.
  • Fixed several reconnection issues that would prevent players from getting back to the game after an interrupt (phone call, closing the app, etc.).
  • Fixed a UI issue where friends Champions appeared as gaining experience at the end of a battle (which cannot happen).
  • Fixed the News Feed redirecting to online page.


  • Guild shop will now sell the same Champion shards as the ones found in the current daily Bull Demon (Ex: Light Boon Sister shards can be bought on Sundays).
  • New Feature: Private Guilds!
    • Private Guilds will receive a request from players who wish to join.
    • Requests must be accepted by the Guild Leader or an Officer before the new player joins the guild.
  • New Feature: Guild BR and LVL requirements!
    • Battle Rating requirement & minimum Player Level added for guild.
    • Players won’t be able to see or apply to a guild if they don’t meet the requirements.
  • New Feature: Manage Guild Privacy!
    • Guild Leaders can now access privacy options from the edit button next to the Guild’s name in the Guild menu.
    • Use this feature to switch between public and private status or to adjust the required BR and level for your guild!
  • New Feature: Guild Invite!
    • You can invite a friend or another player to your guild.
  • New Feature: Guild Message of the day!
    • Guild Leaders can add or edit a message to their guild by tapping on the edit button next to the Message of the Day in the Guild menu.
    • The message of the day will be visible from the Guild Home tab and will be pinned on top of the Guild chat.
  • Guild coins will now be directly sent to the player’s profile (no need to go in the inbox anymore).
  • Added “Guild Chat” button in the Guild Menu as a shortcut to get to the guild chat.


  • New Feature: Defense history and “Revenge” attacks in the new Revenge subtab of the Arena menu.
  • New Feature: Guild Leaderboards with Weekly Rewards (ranked by cumulative trophies of guild members)
  • Attack, Revenge, and Challengers are now grouped together under the “Fight” tab in the Arena.
  • Arena menu will now show the potential trophy gain/loss in Arena.
  • Improved stability of Arena, especially on Windows.
  • Arena Matches will now always start with Auto mode turned off.
  • Added a consecutive Win Bonus that is lost upon refreshing the opponent list or losing.
  • Players can only attempt to attack a specific opponent three times before refreshing. If they are all failures, the opponent becomes unavailable.
  • Revamped Arena menu to have a better display of League rewards.
  • Optimized maintenance for lower maintenance times!
  • Fixed several issues with incorrect rewards paying out from the Arena leaderboards.
  • Made it clearer which league you are in on the Rewards tab.
  • Added a button so players can see where they are in the Leaderboard, not just the top 100 players.
  • Fixed an issue where players Arena trophies would be reset to 0.
  • Player can now easily choose the active leader trait in their Arena defense.

Adventure Mode

  • Scenarios will now save player’s team even after a solo scenario.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted game being stuck on the Champions Dancing at the end of the action phase.
  • Fixed an issue where Champions did not avoid Area Of Effect in Epic and Legend scenarios.

5vs 5 Mode

  • Improved match stability.
  • Globaly increased damage of all Champions.
  • Globaly reduced Defense scaling with levels.
  • Increased Damage reduction of Towers and Core.
  • Increased health of Core.
  • Increased health of Jungle Creeps.
  • Reduced damage of super troops.
  • Increased health of troops.
  • Added Speed pickups in the river to allow for swifter map traversal and ganking paths.

Ultimate Blitz Fixes

  • Added the game speed button in Ultimate Blitz outside of the tactical mode.

Raid Fixes

  • Steel Widow’s Crystal Towers will not cast their skill immediately as soon as they spawn to allow players to first react.
  • Steel Widow’s right Crystal Tower will give the Immunity buff before cleansing it.
  • Raid Bosses can now be affected by LOWER ATK SPD.

Stats Cap

  • Added Accuracy, Resistance and Crit rate cap to 100%.
  • Added a Cooldown Reduction Cap (no skill can be reduced more than 40%). Note that this does not affect skills which directly reduce cooldowns.
  • Added a minimum Resistance chance (champions will always have a 15% chance of resisting debuffs).

Buff and Debuff

  • Fixed an issue that caused Blinded or Silenced allies to stop attacking, moving, or using skills.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the d-pad to lock up while Blinded or Silenced, preventing the player from moving.

Gear Adjustment

  • Dazzling gear set will not attempt to apply stun effect on a same target more than once every second.
  • Increased the minimum value of some sub stats for higher tier gear.

Champion Fixes and Arena + PvE Balancing

  • Removed the delay on Champion AI that caused them to not use their skills immediately when they became available.
  • Fixed an issue with multi-cast skills that can be triggered earlier by using the skill again that were sometimes getting stuck when also using Champions that reduces cooldown.
  • Improved targeting range of Champions that are using ally buffing skills to make them more reliable.
  • Improved AI consideration of buffing skill to allow no down time of some of these effects.
  • Fixed issue: Archangel Nature now correctly gives immunity.
  • Increased damage dealt to secondary targets by empowered Astral Bolt by 100%.
  • Increased Singularity and Mass Implosion damage by 20%.
  • Increased Galactic Ray and Stellar Beam damage by 10% and reduces its cooldown to 20s.
  • Increased Cosmic Protection damage by 20%.
  • Reduced Meteor Rain cooldown to 24s.
  • Increased Searing Breath and Fire Breath damage by 25%.
  • Fixed issue: Raised damage cap on Thousand Blades per damage instance and made it so crits can exceed the cap. (Dark and Nature)
  • Fixed issue: Dervish Spin’s cooldown reduction will now work properly. (Light and Water)
  • Fixed issue: Blademaster becomes vulnerable and targettable at the right time after casting Dance of Death and Thousand Blades. (All Element)
  • Fixed issue: Wave of Celerity’s cooldown cannot be reduced by other skills.
  • Fixed issue: Fixed Wave of Celerity, Healing Heal and Empowering Ring will not heal herself three times.
Crystal Priest
  • Increased range of bouncing for Wave of Harmony. (All Elements)
Dino Kid
  • Increased damage of Toxic Dart (Fire), Tranquilizing Dart (Light, Water) and Paralysis Dart (Dark, Nature) by 50%.
  • Increased damage of Get’Em (Dark, Fire) and Ferocious Roar (Light, Nature, Water) damage by 25%.
  • Healing Bloom (Nature) will now do flat healing in addition to the Regeneration buff.
  • Purifying Bloom (Dark) will now heal before cleansing targets instead of after. This will make the Mortal Wounds debuff have more effect in countering the Dark Dryad.
  • Fixed issue: Psionic Barrier’s will LOWER ATK SPD on the first hit against each target instead of every hit. (Dark and Nature)
  • Fixed issue: Pummel will now reduce Psychic Shield and Psionic Barrier cooldown properly. (All Element)
  • Psionic Barrier LOWER ATK SPD debuff duration increased from 3 seconds to 9 seconds.
  • Increased Seeking Feather and Biting Feather damage by 25%.
Monkey King
  • Fixed issue: Monkey King becomes invulnerable and untargettable immediately when Monkey Tricks and Acrobatic Feint are activated. (All Elements)
  • Fixed issue: Monkey King will now use his Overhead Flip and Overhead Toss on Raid Bosses. (All Elements)
  • Improvement: Clones will now damage targets only once. Damage on uppercut has been increased by 300% and on clones by 200%. Changes affect both Team Play and Playful Clones. (All Element)
  • Increased empowered Nimbus Strike damage from 110% to 200%.
  • Increased Overhead Flip and Overhead Toss damage by 25%.
  • Reduced recovery delay in the animation of the Overhead Flip and Overhead Toss.
  • Increased Synergy Trait value from 40% to 41% and now applies to all allies (not just allies of the same element), making his Synergy Trait a viable alternative to the Naga.
  • Increased Ink Jet (Dark, Water), Ink Squirt (Nature) and Ink Cloud (Fire, Light) damage by 25%
  • Flood (Water, Light) skill now Slows in addition to its other effects.
  • Fixed issue: AI will use Concussive Shot and Well-Placed Shot on Raid Bosses. (All Elements)
  • Fixed issue: Ground markers will show the appropriate team color.
  • Increased Psyko Pulse, Wave of Terror, Psyko Wave, Plasma Beam and Radiation Ray damage by 25%.
  • Increased Hookshot and Grappling Chain damage by 50%.
  • Fixed issue: Shark will now always apply Mortal Wounds debuff when empowered by Mortal Edge (Light) and Feeding Frenzy (Fire) on last empowered attack.
  • Increases Hungering Strike damage by 25% when enhanced by Mortal Edge (Light) and Feeding Frenzy (Fire).
  • Increased Killer Slice and Bloodseeker Slash damage by 100%.
  • Reduced Dive Attack and Final Bite cooldown from 36s to 30s.
Skand Berserker
  • Fixed a display issue that caused his recommended gear to show sets that added up to more than six pieces of gear.
Skand Warlord
  • Improvement: When charging, the Skand Warlord will now stop as if hitting a wall if he hits a target that cannot be moved. (All Elements)
Snake Lady
  • Fixed issue with Snake Lady’s Venom Burst, Blinding Poison, and Enfeebling Toxin not firing correctly when used by AI.
  • Increased Martial Dance (Fire, Light) damage by 50%.
Tiki Warrior
  • Increased Tiki Spin damage by 60%.
  • Increased Earth Slam, Fissure, and Quake damage by 25%.
  • Increased bounce range of Healing Breeze (Water) and Rejuvenating Breeze (Dark) skill.
Many Buff Skills now have an unlimited range in All Modes except 5v5!
  • Archangel (Fire/Nature/Light) – Aegis
  • Archangel (Dark/Water) – Guardian Angel
  • Ranger (Dark, Fire) – Combat Roll
  • Ranger (Water) – Dodge
  • Ranger (Light, Nature) – Tumble
  • Basilisk (Light, Water) – Cryptic Barrier
  • Basilisk (Dark, Fire, Nature) – Impenetrable Shield
  • Crystal Priest (Fire, Nature, Light) – Purify
  • Crystal Priest (Dark, Water) – Bolster
  • Squire (Light, Nature) – Hold the Line!
  • Squire (Fire, Dark, Water) – Defensive Formation
  • Grublin Slinger (Fire, Light, Nature) – Encourage
  • Grublin Slinger (Dark, Water) – Rabble Rouse
  • Harpy (Fire, Light) – Vivify
  • Naga (Dark, Nature, Water) – Bubble Shield
  • Naga (Fire, Light) – Rejuvenating Stream
  • Pirate (Fire, Water) – All Aboard!
  • Valkyrie (Dark, Nature) – Tempest
  • Valkyrie (Fire, Light, Water) – Tailwind
  • Rascal (Dark, Fire) – Inciting Pounce
  • Derby Girl (Water) – Let’s Rock This!
  • Derby Girl (Light) – Team Spirit
  • Serpent (All Elements) – Empowering Aura

5 vs 5 Balancing (only affects Champions in 5 vs 5)

  • Increased ATK and lifesteal.
Monkey King
  • Increased ATK scaling with levels.
  • Increased MAX HP Scaling with levels.
Snake Lady
  • Increased ATK and HP.
  • Increased DEF.
Fox Assassin
  • Fox Fire won’t apply to towers and core anymore.
  • Reduced Ongoing Damage duration on Heart Ripper skills.
  • Fixed Bug: Crash that sometimes happened related to Fox Fire.
Royal Tower
  • Reduce Ongoing Damage on Checkmate skill.
Dragon Guard
  • Increased all Skill damage.
  • Increased Flood damage and added Slow debuff.
Derby Girl
  • Reduced empowered basic attack damage.
  • Increased Grand Slam damage.
  • Reduced Immobilize duration.
Greater Demon
  • Reduced Defense Scaling with levels.
  • Reduced Shield Amount on Devour Magic.
Time Keeper
  • Echo Blades won’t heal minions anymore.
  • Decreased Ripple Bomb Damage.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/dungeon-hunter-champions/upcoming-update-quality-of-life/837659999757404/

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