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Memorial Day Bug Fixes and Balancing (RIP Light Crow Hag)

By Gamer Dan May 29, 2018

Gameloft has releases some bug fixes and a bunch of balancing and skill description corrections.

We have updated the skill descriptions on the champion wiki and in the buff/debuff lists.

Bug Fixes

List of the fixed issues adjusted for clarity:

  • Game sometimes inaccessible! (This was due to the server hitting it’s max memory capacity and crashing.)
  • Excessive mobile data consumption was addressed.
  • Some connection issues while playing were fixed.
  • Chat synchronization! (Seems like the scroll bug still exists)
  • Will fix some rollback issues!
  • Various Arena crashes (Windows)

Gameplay Fixes

  • Mark Debuff: Fixed Mark debuff effect on big monsters that was dealing more than intended damage bonus. (mostly noticeable on bosses, Ultimate Blitz and Raids). This was also very noticeable in adventure farming.
  • Ultimate Blitz Game Mode: Minor bosses are not immune to CC and Ongoing Damage anymore, though they still have very high resistance value. This means that you can CC the bosses with very high accuracy.

Champion Balancing



  • Added mention of triggering the galaxy early by recasting the skill. (Dark, Light and Water)

Crystal Priest

  • Fixed Issue: Crystal Priest will now use Bolster when necessary, regardless of the buffs applied on targets. (Dark and Water)


  • Changed Flurry’s description. Every 4th attack, she strikes 3 times, not 2, hence triple the base damage. (Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Nature)

Bounty Hunter

  • Changed Hack ‘n’ Slash description. Empowered effect is on 5th attack, not 4th. (Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Nature)

Crow Hag

  • Changed Hex’s description. It does not apply a Disorient debuff. (Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Nature)
  • Changed Noxious Potion’s description. It does not apply a Damage Over Time debuff. (Light and Water) <– RIP

Derby Girl

  • Changed Dash ‘n’ Bash description. Skill gives ATK and Crit Buff, not DEF Buff. (Fire Only)
  • Changed Power Jam’s description. Added mention of damage scaling with ATK SPD. (Dark Only)


  • Changed Essence Bolt’s description. Added mention of AoE effect when the projectile hits a target. (Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Nature)


  • Changed Psionic Barrier’s description. The skill will only try to apply the ATK SPD debuff the first time a target is hit.


  • Changed Sparkle Spray’s description. Added mention of “cooldown reduction” on Sparkle Spray’s AoE effect.(Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Nature)

Fox Assassin

  • Changed Eye of the Storm’s description. The skill will only try to apply the Silence debuff the first time a target is hit. (Light and Nature)
  • Fixed Issue: The AI will now use all her skills on Raid Bosses. These changes will also fix every champion which could have had this bug. (Dark, Fire and Water)


  • Fixed Issue: Rock Fist will now use its empowered damage in the right conditions. (Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Nature)

Greater Demon

  • Changed Demonic Pull’s description. Added mention of Stun debuff if target hits a wall. (Light Only)
  • Changed Crush’s description. Added mention of Buff Blocker debuff applied on targets. (Light Only)
  • Fixed Issue: Devour Magic will use the correct stat for its shield. (Fire, Light and Water)

Ink Ninja

  • Changed Drawn to Life’s description. Added mention of a basic amount of ignoring target’s DEF stat. (Dark and Fire)
  • Changed Ink Spirit Calling’s description. Added mention of a basic increased chance to Crit when using the skill. (Light, Nature and Water)

Monkey King

  • Improvement: Removed animation lag after Monkey Tricks and Acrobatic Feint landing animation. Monkey King will be able to attack immediately after. (Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Nature)

Siege Tower

  • Changed Retaliation’s description. Skill gives ATK SPD and Slow debuff, not ATK debuff. (Fire, Light and Nature)

Skand Warlord

  • Changed Gorge’s description. Changed base amount of lifesteal on damage dealt to 70%. It wasn’t 15%. (Fire, Light and Nature)

Skand Berserker

  • Changed Berserker’s Blow description. Changed the bonus damage to 20%. It wasn’t 100%. (Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Nature)


  • Changed Air Slash description. Added mention of DEF buff when skill is used. (Dark, Nature and Water)

Snake Lady

  • Changed Enfeebling Toxin’s description. Added mention of a limit of damage instances created by the globs. (Light and Nature)


  • Changed Bellowing Strike’s description. The Provoke debuff is applied on every 5th attack. It wasn’t a chance to apply it on every strike. (Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Nature)

Tiki Warrior

  • Changed Tiki Smash’s description. Added mention of Attack Speed boost when receiving a critical hit. (Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Nature)


  • Fixed Issue: The Level 2 skill bonus on Twister has been changed to 5%. (Nature)

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