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Dungeon Hunter Champions Wiki and Basic Tips

By Gamer Dan May 10, 2018


We love the new Dungeon Hunter Champions game. It’s a great mix of Summoners War and Arena of Valor.

The game still feels like it is in beta since it crashes often. We know the devs are working hard to fix any issues. The issues still haven’t stopped us from enjoying the game.

We are working hard on getting a list of character data together in addition to some helpful guides and a list of champions to hold on to.

If you haven’t downloaded the game already. Go to the Dungeon Hunter Champions official site to download.

Here are some of our wiki sections:

Check out the basic Dungeon Hunter Champions tips below.

Dungeon Hunter Champions Quick Tips

If you have already started playing the game here are some really basic tips to help you.

1. Keep all 4 star and Light/Dark Champions

Keep any 4 star champions you get for now. Don’t feed them.

Keep any light and dark champions you get.

2. Don’t feed the Water Crystal Priest

Don’t feed the Water Crystal Priest. He is a 2 star champion but is one of the best healers in the game. He can also be found in the Black Market shop from time to time.

3. Stuck on Board 7 Scenario 11?

If you get to board 7 scenario 11 you will need to tap on the crystals as they come down (Or use a champion with mortal wounds). Otherwise the boss will keep healing forever.

4. Do the Missions

Make sure you do the missions under the missions section.

The missions give out a ton of great prizes including vampiric gear for your farmer.




5. Use Synergy Traits

Make sure to look at your champion skills. Some champions have a synergy trait that can increase the HP/Attack or other stats. You should always try to use a Synergy Trait that will help you through a level. If you are trying to survive, use HP. If you have to defeat a boss fast, use Attack.

6. Add gear to your champions

Make sure to equip your champions with gear. Early on you can use low level gear to give you nice set bonuses.

Each gear slot has a main stat but only 3 of the slots can have a % based main stat.



From what we have seen the 3 slots that can have a % based stat are Shoulder, Bracer and Glove.

7. Save your Tutor Fuzzlepuffs for Nat 5 champions

We are not sure about the name (Tutor Fuzzlepuff) but the little monsters will skill up monsters that you feed them to. These little guys are a very rare commodity and should be fed to 5 star champions as a first priority.

8. Do the Mystery Crate Every Day

The mystery crate is a free daily chest that can give you some great rewards. Make sure to open it every day. You can find the mystery crate in the shop in the free tab. You should also do the other free items daily (Especially the gems).

9. When to watch ads?

Sometimes when doing adventures you can watch ads to double your reward. Of course the best thing to do is to watch them all. If you really don’t want to watch a ton of ads we recommend that you at least watch the ads if there is a chance of extra gems.

10. Join the Official Discord

If you have questions about the game or want to report a bug, the Discord channel is a great place to do it. Quite a few of the game devs are on the official Dungeon Hunter Champions Discord.

Have any tips we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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