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Dungeon Hunter Champions Gear Basics

By Gamer Dan May 11, 2018

Equipping gear in Dungeon Hunter Champions is an important way to make your champions stronger. Gear will also increase your Battle Rating when equipped and powered up.

Gear pieces are made up of a couple of components:

  • Slot (Helm, Shoulder, Pendant, Armor, Bracer, Glove)
  • Gear Set (Vital, Brutal, Etc)
  • Star Grade (1 to 6)
  • Level (1 to 15)
  • Primary Stat (Flat HP, %HP etc) increases with each level
  • Substats which wont ever be the same as the primary stat (Flat ATK, %ATK etc)
  • Rarity

Here is a diagram showing the different components of a gear set.


Next we will go over each component from this list in sequence.


There are 6 gear slots in Dungeon Hunter Champions.

  • Pendant
  • Helm
  • Shoulder
  • Bracer
  • Armor
  • Glove

Each gear slot can only have specific primary stats. This is very important for how to choose what gear to keep and what gear to sell.

In the diagram below yo can see that Shoulder, Glove and Bracer can have various flat stats as well as percentage based stats. Percentage based stats will always outperform flat stats (With the exception of very very early in the game).

Pay attention to the primary stats when farming for gear.

Gear Set

When you equip a gear set, you will get an additional bonus on top of the primary and sub stats. Some gear sets add effects that you cannot get from primary or substats. For example Vampiric which gives you a lifesteal effect.

Here is a list of all of the gear sets:

  • Vampiric: +30% Lifesteal (with 4 equipped)
  • Mortal: +45% CRIT DMG (with 4 equipped)
  • Adept: -30% CD (with 4 equipped)
  • Dazzling: +25% Stun Chance (with 4 equipped)
  • Warding: +25% RES (with 2 equipped)
  • Sturdy: +15% DEF (with 2 equipped)
  • Precise: +20% ACC (with 2 equipped)
  • Rapid: +25% ATK SPD (with 4 equipped)
  • Keen: +15% CRIT (with 2 equipped)
  • Brutal: +35% ATK (with 4 equipped)

For more details, check out the gear section and click into each gear set.

Star Grade

Gear pieces have a star grade that can’t be changed. The star grade affects how high the primary and substats can be.

Here is an example to illustrate. Let’s say we have 2 gear pieces powered up to level 9 with each gear piece having a %HP primary stat.

  • A 2 Star Gear at level 9 would have +11% Max HP
  • A 3 Star Gear at level 9 would have +22% Max HP

The increase in stats will also affect the substats based on the star grade of the gear.

Data needed: If anyone has a table of these stats please let us know so we can include it here.


Each time you power up a gear piece it goes up by one level. A gear piece can only be powered up to level 15. Each time you power up the gear’s primary stats will increase. Every 3rd level will increase or add a substat to your gear.

Primary Stat

Every gear piece has a primary stat. This is the main stat that increases per level of the gear.


Substats are a set of additional stats for a gear piece. A gear piece can have up to 4 substats.

The primary stat will never also be in the substats. For example if you have a gear with a %HP primary stat then it will never have a %HP substat.


The rarity of a gear piece is indicated by a color. All the rarity means is the number of substats that the gear piece has.

  • Common (No substats)
    white color
  • Uncommon (1 Substat)
    green color
  • Rare (2 Substats)
    light blue color
  • Epic (3 Substats)
    pink color
  • Legendary (4 Substats)
    orange color


If you have any additional information you think should be in this guide, just put a comment below. We would love to add anything that would be helpful.

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