Dungeon Hunter Champions Water Spearman

Water Spearman


Must Have! Farmer Adventurer

Feng Xian is a blessing given to all players early on. He is a great starting farmer that can sustain himself in fights. His skills are on a moderately low Cooldown and they provide him with self healing. Feng Xian is best used to clear waves of enemies and draw attention to himself so his team can survive.

Early RewardLow Damage
Decent AOEUnreliable CC
Self Sustaining
Great Farmer

Dungeon Hunter Champions Water Spearman Ascended

Feng Xian


20 ×   10 ×   15 ×   5 ×  


Stat 6 Star 6 Star Ascended
HP11725 - 1993212792 - 21747
Defense341 - 580372 - 633
Atk Dmg373 - 634407 - 692
Atk Spd1.621.62
Move Spd55
Crit Rate15%15%
Crit Dmg50%50%
Atk Range33
5v5 Vision1313


Note: We are still working out the kinks. Some of the skills may be missing images and have some placeholder text in them.

Dungeon Hunter Champions Indomitable Thrust

Indomitable Thrust

Strikes enemies with his spear, dealing damage. Every fourth attack heals based on the damage dealt.

  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +10%
  • Damage +10%
Dungeon Hunter Champions Blows of Fury

Blows of Fury

Thrusts his spear rapidly, dealing damage to enemies in a cone several times. Every time this Champion is attacked, the cooldown of this skill is reduced by 0.50 seconds.

  • Damage +10%
  • Cooldown Reduction -0.5s
  • Cooldown Reduction -0.5s
Dungeon Hunter Champions Spinning Spear

Spinning Spear

Charges forward while deflecting incoming attacks, then finishes with a sweeping strike. Reduces all incoming damage, raises movement speed, and deals damage to enemies struck. Heals for a portion of damage dealt.
Can be recast within a short period of time to strike immediately.

  • Damage +10%
  • Damage Reduction +-10%
  • Damage Reduction +-10%
Dungeon Hunter Champions Air Slash

Air Slash

Swings his spear so fast that it creates a shockwave that flies through the air towards his enemies. The shockwave deals damage and  PROVOKES enemies it hits.

This skill also  RAISES DEF.
  • Skill Cooldown -10%
  • Skill Cooldown -10%
  • Skill Cooldown -10%
Dungeon Hunter Champions Synergy Trait ATK

Synergy Trait ATK

Increases ATK of ally Champions by 25%.


Must Have!
This Champion has a combination of skill effects and an Element that makes it particularly useful for certain difficult challenges. Don't throw it away!
If equipped with the correct Gear, this Champion can complete Scenarios in Adventure even with a weak party. This is particularly useful for leveling up new Champions.
This Champion is most useful in Adventure scenarios.


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