Dungeon Hunter Champions Nature Siege Tower

Nature Siege Tower


Best in Game! Blitz Brawler Useful Anytime

Dungeon Hunter Champions Nature Siege Tower Ascended



10 ×   20 ×   5 ×   15 ×  


Stat 6 Star 6 Star Ascended
HP13180 - 2240614280 - 24276
Defense454 - 771491 - 835
Atk Dmg314 - 534340 - 578
Atk Spd1.551.55
Move Spd55
Crit Rate15%15%
Crit Dmg50%50%
Atk Range33
5v5 Vision88


Note: We are still working out the kinks. Some of the skills may be missing images and have some placeholder text in them.

Dungeon Hunter Champions Windup Thrust

Windup Thrust

Attacks enemies with her lance. If she has the  SHIELD buff, this engages an auto-repair mechanism that instantly heals for a portion of the damage dealt.

  • Damage +10%
  • Damage +10%
  • Lifesteal +20%
Dungeon Hunter Champions Retaliation


Gains  SHIELD and  DAMAGE REFLECTION. If the  SHIELD is still intact when it expires, it explodes. This  SLOWS,  LOWERS ATK SPD, and deals damage proportional to the remaining HP of the shield.

Shield amount based on MAX HP.

  • Shield HP +10%
  • Shield HP +10%
  • Shield HP +10%
Dungeon Hunter Champions Lance-a-Lot


Charges in a direction, dealing damage to enemies and knocking them aside. At the end of the charge,  BLOCKS BUFFS and damages nearby enemies.
Can be recast within a short period of time to stop immediately and trigger the second effect.

  • Damage +10%
  • Damage +10%
  • Duration +0.5s
  • Duration +1s
Dungeon Hunter Champions Checkmate


Fires 5 cannon balls at target enemy while channeling. Each damages and  DISORIENTS enemies in a line and then explodes when it hits a wall or reaches max range, damaging enemies and inflicting  ONGOING DAMAGE.
Can move at 70% speed while channeling.

  • Damage +10%
  • Damage +10%
  • Damage +10%
Dungeon Hunter Champions Synergy Trait Defense

Synergy Trait Defense

Increases Defense of ally Nature Champions by 33%.


Best in Game!
This is one of the best Champions in the game! It is well worth your efforts leveling it up!
Blitz Brawler
This Champion is useful for certain parts of Ultimate Blitz. You should consider keeping it for later!
Useful Anytime
This Champion is useful throughout your journey, from the beginning of the game until the very end.

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