Dungeon Hunter Champions Nature Golem

Nature Golem


5v5 Competitor Arena Defense Blitz Brawler

Malachite is exactly what he looks like, a stone wall. His skills all have some form of CC, making him a very strong and annoying unit to face off against. He can control the fight and deal moderate damage while he is at it, just be careful for enemies with immunity! Malachite will help you distract mobs of enemies or priority targets so that the rest of your team can focus fire safely.

5v5 CapableImmunity Hurts Badly
Very Tanky
High amount of AOE
Heavy amounts of CC

Dungeon Hunter Champions Nature Golem Ascended



10 ×   15 ×   5 ×   10 ×  


Stat 6 Star 6 Star Ascended
HP12595 - 2141113856 - 23556
Defense329 - 560362 - 616
Atk Dmg262 - 445288 - 489
Atk Spd1.551.55
Move Spd55
Crit Rate15%15%
Crit Dmg50%50%
Atk Range33
5v5 Vision1313


Note: We are still working out the kinks. Some of the skills may be missing images and have some placeholder text in them.

Dungeon Hunter Champions Rock Fist

Rock Fist

Slams enemies with its fists, dealing damage. Deals bonus damage to targets that are Slowed, Immobilized, or Provoked.

  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +5%
  • Duration +0.5s
Dungeon Hunter Champions Inhale


Inhales deeply, pulling in foes. Damages and  PROVOKES enemies. For a few seconds after inhaling, Earthen Bellow will be Empowered.

Bonus damage based on MAX HP.

  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +5%
  • Duration +0.25s
  • Duration +0.25s
  • Duration +0.5s
  • Duration +0.5s
Dungeon Hunter Champions Explosive Shout

Explosive Shout

Exhales rocks violently. Damages enemies with a chance to  STUN. This chance increases if Empowered by Consume Magic.

Bonus damage based on MAX HP.

  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +5%
  • Duration +0.25s
  • Duration +0.25s
  • Duration +0.5s
Dungeon Hunter Champions Earthquake


Smashes the ground repeatedly while channeling, creating a massive earthquake. Periodically damages and  DISORIENTS nearby enemies in a huge area.

Bonus damage based on MAX HP.

  • Damage +10%
  • Damage +10%
  • Damage +10%
  • Skill Cooldown -10%
Dungeon Hunter Champions Synergy Trait MAX HP

Synergy Trait MAX HP

Available when Ascended

Increases MAX HP of ally Champions by 25%.


5v5 Competitor
This Champion can compete in 5v5 Vale of Eternity battles.
Arena Defense
This Champion is most useful on a Defense team in the Arena.
Blitz Brawler
This Champion is useful for certain parts of Ultimate Blitz. You should consider keeping it for later!


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