Dungeon Hunter Champions Dark Squire

Dark Squire



Dungeon Hunter Champions Dark Squire Ascended



20 ×   1 ×   15 ×   1 ×  


Stat 6 Star 6 Star Ascended
HP10461 - 1778411626 - 19764
Defense279 - 474310 - 527
Atk Dmg279 - 474310 - 527
Atk Spd1.551.55
Move Spd55
Crit Rate15%15%
Crit Dmg50%50%
Atk Range33
5v5 Vision1313


Note: We are still working out the kinks. Some of the skills may be missing images and have some placeholder text in them.

Dungeon Hunter Champions Bellowing Strike

Bellowing Strike

Swings his sword at an enemy. Every fifth attack  PROVOKE the primary target.

  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +10%
  • Duration +0.5s
Dungeon Hunter Champions Defensive Formation

Defensive Formation

Takes a defensive stance, protecting himself and nearby allies.  RAISES DEF.

  • Duration +0.5s
  • Duration +0.5s
  • Duration +0.5s
  • Duration +0.5s
Dungeon Hunter Champions Shield Bash

Shield Bash

Hits target enemy with his shield. Deals damage and  STUNS.

Bonus damage based on DEF.

  • Damage +10%
  • Duration +0.5s
  • Duration +0.5s
  • Duration +0.5s


This Champion is best used to Train or Promote other Champions. It may not be worth your effort to level it up unless you have a specific strategy in mind.

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