Dungeon Hunter Champions Dark Lizardkin

Dark Lizardkin



Dungeon Hunter Champions Dark Lizardkin Ascended



20 ×   1 ×   15 ×   1 ×  


Stat 6 Star 6 Star Ascended
HP10171 - 1729011303 - 19215
Defense262 - 445291 - 494
Atk Dmg305 - 519339 - 576
Atk Spd1.551.55
Move Spd55
Crit Rate15%15%
Crit Dmg50%50%
Atk Range33
5v5 Vision1313


Note: We are still working out the kinks. Some of the skills may be missing images and have some placeholder text in them.

Dungeon Hunter Champions Frenzied Jab

Frenzied Jab

Attacks enemies with his trident.

Deals more damage as current HP% decreases.

  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +5%
Dungeon Hunter Champions Gale Thrust

Gale Thrust

Thrusts his spear with incredible speed, dealing damage to enemies in a cone.
Deals additional damage if it hits only one enemy.

Bonus damage based on ATK SPD.

  • Damage +5%
  • Damage +10%
  • Damage +10%
  • Additional Damage +20%
  • Additional Damage +30%
Dungeon Hunter Champions Scrappy


If current HP is below 40%, passively reduces damage taken by 15%.

  • HP Threshold +5%
  • HP Threshold +10%
  • HP Threshold +10%
  • Damage Reduction +-5%


This Champion is best used to Train or Promote other Champions. It may not be worth your effort to level it up unless you have a specific strategy in mind.

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