Dungeon Hunter Champions Buff Debuffs

% Target HP Damage

Deals a percentage of the enemy's HP as damage. This skill is very good for very high HP bosses in Boss Raids and Blitz.

Team Damage Reduction

Reduces the damage the entire team takes by a percentage.


Gains health based on a percentage of the skill's damage.

Heal (% ATK)

Heals based on the attack power of the champion with the healing skill.

Buff Steal

Steals one or more buffs from an enemy.

Heal (% Own HP)

Heals one or more friendly champions based on the champion's own Max HP.

Heal (% Target HP)

Heals one or more friendly champions in proportion to the target's Max HP.

Debuff Removal

Removes a debuff from one or more champions on the team.

Buff Removal

The skill will remove 1 or more buffs from the enemy. This is great for removing buffs from strong enemy champions that receive a lot of buffs.

Ignore Defense

The skill can ignore a percentage or 100% of the enemy's defense.


Temporary HP that is lost first before losing real HP.

Buff Block

Cannot be Buffed.


Prevents new debuffs from being applied. (Existing debuffs remain.)


Prevents HP from falling below 1.


Prevents all damage.

Mortal Wounds

Cannot be healed.


Lowers Attack Speed (ATK SPD) by 50%.

Ongoing Damage

Deals 2.5% of MAX HP as damage per second that is not reduced by DEF. (Less on Bosses.)

Damage Reflection

Returns 10% of the damage taken to the attacker.


Increases damage taken by 25%.


Restores 2.5% of MAX HP per second.