Steel Widow

Steel Widow Guide and Team Compositions.

The Steel Widow is a very hard boss. He can ignore defense and inflict Ongoing Damage debuff.

To succeed in defeating the Steel widow you will need to have strong champions that can remove debuffs or who can apply the Immunity buff to your team.

The Steel Widow boss is the only place you can farm Adept, Mortal and Vampiric gear.

Dungeon Hunter Champions Steel Widow

The Steel Widow raid starts with a couple hordes of enemies (Trash Waves) that you will need to defeat before getting to the boss.

The boss is where things get quite a bit harder. There will be the main boss and two towers, one on either side of the boss.

Left Tower

The left tower has a lot of HP and adds an Ongoing Damage debuff onto your entire team.

The Ongoing Damage debuff deals 2.5% of the target’s MAX HP as damage per second for 3 seconds.

Right Tower

The right tower heals the Steel Widow.

Steel Widow Boss Mechanics

The Steel Widow does extra damage to your champions based on how many debuffs are on the champion. Additionally her damage increases over time. If that isn’t enough already, she can also apply Ongoing Damage with any of her skills.

The Steel Widow has several attacks involving damaging beams and web bombs. The beams have a chance to ignore defense. She also has a web bomb skill that will Immobilize champions that get hit.

The Widow’s massive laser attack is a high damage skill that will cover the whole board. She will do this attack when her HP hits between 40-60% or when one of your champion’s dies. Generally if one of your champions dies it’s game over.

At 25% HP the boss gets enraged and does even more damage.

Steel Widow Strategy

It is important to bring a champion that can remove buffs that the Steel Widow puts on herself or a champion with Buff Block.

The most common strategy is to bring a champion that does Ongoing Damage and bring support/healing champions to keep them alive.

When to focus the boss vs focus the right tower first: Focus the right tower first if you don’t have enough damage to bring the boss down fast. If you can output a lot of damage while staying alive then go straight for the boss.


These are some great 2 and 3 star champions that would work well for defeating the Steel Widow.

Light Boon Sister (Xenia)

Provides healing/cooldown reduction for the team as well as a defense break on the boss and can remove buffs from the boss. Gear Focus: Adept with high HP%, Accuracy (60% Minimum)

Water Timekeeper (Manas)

Has Ongoing Damage which will do a lot of damage to the boss. Can apply Mortal Wounds (Prevent’s healing), Blocks Buffs and reduces skill cooldowns. Gear Focus: Adept with high HP, Accuracy (60% Minimum) and ATK% for clear speed/heal.

Water Crystal Priest (Zircon)

Provides great healing and the Immunity buff which will prevent your champions from receiving debuffs. Zircon won’t be needed if you are running an all attack team. Gear Focus: Adept/Vital or Full Vital with high HP.

Water Basilisk (Garai)

Provides Immunity from buffs and can apply the Defense Break buff. Also has a synergy trait that increases defense. Gear Focus: Adept/Sturdy/Vital with high defense and HP.

Dark Fox Assassin (Daji)

Underrated but powerful damage dealer. Lowers def, self-buff atk spd and ongoing damage. Works well at 5 star. Can be hard to obtain via Light and Dark discs only.



If you happen to acquire any of these champions, feel free to use them. Sometimes, it’s really hard to decide which champions you should build. Here are some of the good champions that you can use in Steel Widow 10.

Water Snake Lady (Sheyao)

The Snake Ladies are one of the strongest early game boss slayer because of the Ongoing Damage. Gear Focus: Adept with Accuracy+HP. Optional – Dark, Light or Fire Snake Lady.

Water Naga (Fathom)

Transfers debuff back to the bosses. Has shield for team and lower atk debuff. Solid support. Gear Focus: Adept with HP/Accuracy. Optional – Fire or Dark Naga.

Dark Time Keeper (Sharma)

A better version of Manas and has the ability to remove buff as well. Gear Focus: Adept with ATK/HP/Accuracy.

Fire Candy Munchkin (Cinnamon)

A solid flat DPS champion. Deals damage based on enemy max HP which is great on bosses. May require to be 6* AND having decent gears to perform well. Gear Focus: Crit Dmg, Crit Rate and HP/ATK/Atk Spd. Optional: Light Candy Munchkin



Free to Play Steel Widow 10

Light Boon Sister, TWO Water Time Keeper, Dark Dryad +1

-They are all obtainable as a free to play and very powerful for the Steel Widow 10 boss raid.

-The last slot in this team can be anything depending on your champion pool. You can fill with another support like the Nagas or DPS like the Snake Ladies.

-You don’t have to build a second Manas if you have some better DPS replacements such as the champions above.


SW10 Team By TripleC

Note: This team is not meant to be everyone’s. The stats and team composition is just for reference. You can have A LOT better team than mine with 3 or 4* champions.

Water Time Keeper – Manas

6 star max, 44k hp, 1784 atk, 1000 def, 1.75 atk spd, 20% crit rate, 52% crit dmg, 40% resistance, 53% accuracy Gear: Adept/Precise

Fire Greater Demon – Var’Ghor
6 star max, 73k hp, 774 atk, 1263 def, 1.61 atk spd, 39% crit rate, 65% crit dmg, 47% resistance, 32% accuracy
Gear: Vital/Vital/Warding

Light Boon Sister – Xenia

6 star max, 50k hp, 729 atk, 852 def, 1.64 atk spd, 26% crit rate, 57% crit dmg, 16% resistance, 60% accuracy
Gear: Adept/Vital

Fire Naga – Laminar

5 star max, 40k hp, 736 atk, 667 def, 1.84 atk spd, 22% crit rate, 52% crit dmg, 28% resistance, 72% accuracy
Gear: Vital/Precise/Broken

Dark Blademaster – Rasha

6 star max, 42k hp, 2230 atk, 915 def, 2.61 atk spd, 94% crit rate, 121% crit dmg, 41% resistance, 0% accuracy
Gear: Vampiric/Broken



Steel Widow Teams

Steel Widow Stage 10 by Claytano

This team has zero Nat 5s and is built to keep your champions alive while they kill the boss with Ongoing Damage. Watch the video

Water Time Keeper - Manas (Leader)

5* / HP 26,209 / Atk 1059 / Def 669 / Attack Speed 1.61
Crit Rate 23% / Crit Damage 58%
Resistance 36% / Accuracy 48%
Gear: Adept + Precise

Water Snake Lady - Sheyao

5* / HP 32,593 / Atk 872 / Def 786 / Attack Speed 1.62
Crit Rate 26% / Crit Damage 58%
Resistance 40% / Accuracy 53%
Gear: Adept + Precise

Water Naga - Fathom

5* / HP 30,922 / Atk 649 / Def 901 / Attack Speed 1.66
Crit Rate 18% / Crit Damage 54%
Resistance 23% / Accuracy 61%
Gear: Adept + Vital

Fire Naga - Laminar

5* / HP 32,289 / Atk 660 / Def 828 / Attack Speed 1.64
Crit Rate 17% / Crit Damage 65
Resistance 37% / Accuracy 56%
Gear: Adept + Precise

Light Boon Sister - Xenia

5* / HP 35,798 / Atk 558 / Def 905 / Attack Speed 1.63
Crit Rate 15% / Crit Damage 82%
Resistance 30% / Accuracy 89%
Gear: Adept + Vital

Steel Widow Videos


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