Elder Drake

Elder Drake Guide and Team Compositions.

The Elder Drake boss raid is one of the end game bosses you will be farming a lot for high quality gear sets. This boss deal high amount of damage, it requires a good team composition to clear and auto-farm.

Elder Drake has a buff that raises its own Atk and a debuff that stuns your champions. You will need champions that has buffs like Raise Def and Immunity to survive it’s deadly attack.

You can farm Vital, Keen, Dazzling, Brutal and Rapid gear sets in Elder Drake.

Dungeon Hunter Champions Elder Drake

When you first start playing Dungeon Hunter Champions, your first boss to focus on should be the Elder Dragon. We are not telling you that building your favorite champion is wrong but it’s a good idea to start building a team for farming Elder Drake as soon as possible.

Getting an Elder Drake team should be one of your your first major goals in the game, it will take some time but you will get there eventually. Be patient and grind!

Left Crystal Tower

The crystal on the left-hand side applies Lower Def debuff to your team.

Right Crystal Tower

The right crystal aid the Elder Drake by giving it the Raise Atk buff for a few seconds.

Elder Drake

The Elder Drake deals really high damage, you are gonna need to keep your buffs up most of the time in addition to having a high health pool to stay alive. Having Nature element champions would help a lot too.

The Elder Drake will spawn after clearing 7 waves of monsters.

The Elder Drake has several attacks that it performs at random. Some of the Elder Drake’s abilities can be dodged meanwhile the others cannot. These abilities’ name are made up just for reference.


The Elder Drake roars, dealing massive damage to all your champions and has a chance to apply the Stun Debuff to your team. This can’t be dodged.

Fireball Spit

The Elder Drake attacks a single ally champion with fireball, dealing massive amount of single target damage. Can’t be dodged. This particular attack is why you need a high health pool. If one of your champions cannot survive it, then you should increase their HP.


The Elder Drake focus on a champion’s position and bites the target area, dealing damage. Can be dodged easily, there is a slight delay before the attack occurs where your champions can get out of the way.

Fire Breath

At various stages of the fight, the Elder Drake will fly away from the battlefield and will not be targetable. This is when he will use his fire breath attacks. Fire breath attacks are attacks that cover a cone portion of the battlefield and can be various sizes. There is a slight delay where your champions can move out of the way.

Note: Ongoing Damage will still deal damage if the debuff was applied before the Drake flew.

Notable 2 & 3 Star Support Champions

These are some great 2 and 3 star champions that would work well as a core Elder Drake support team.

Light Boon Sister

Provides healing for the team as well as a defense break on the boss and can remove buffs from the boss. Stat Focus: HP%/HP%/HP%

Water Crystal Priest

Provides great healing and the Immunity buff which will prevent your champions from receiving debuffs. Stat Focus: HP%/HP%/HP%

Nature Grublin Shaman

Raises your team’s attack and defense as well as disorienting the boss. Alternative: Nature Naga. Stat Focus: HP%/HP%/Accuracy%

Nature Valkyrie

Decreases skill cooldowns and lowers the bosses attack and defense. Stat Focus: HP%, HP%/Accuracy%

There are many other support champions that work well. These were listed to give you a good idea of what type of utility you will need to bring. The above units are all farmable.

Damage Dealers

You will need a damage dealer to go along with your support units. Early on you should be using units with the Ongoing Damage debuff or who deal % target HP. Here are a few notable champions.

You can check out a list of champions with Ongoing Damage here.

Nature Snake Lady

Will need to be 6 star but will do a ton of damage with the Mark debuff and Ongoing Damage.

Nature Candy Munchkin

Does damage based on the total HP of the boss. She may need to be 6 star if you go with a full damage build.

Nature Crow Hag

Does Ongoing Damage to the boss. She can be built more tanky with accuracy. The runs will be extremely slow, but she is an option.

Powerful Light and Dark Champions (3,4 or 5 Stars)

If you are lucky to have one of these, you can use them to fill your last slot as a damage dealer. These champions are really rare to obtain so keep an eye out for the champions you pulled, they might be really powerful in certain content. Anyway, here are some of the really strong champions that gets the job done in Elder Drake.

Baba Gawron – Light Crow Hag (3*)

Considered the best Natural 3* as a DPS champion. Has lots of debuff and ongoing damage.

Chanxia – Dark Snake Lady (4*)

The strongest boss killer in game at the moment because of her powerful damage over time from Ongoing Damage debuff. Has mark which increases the Ongoing Damage as well.

Zhaoxue – Light Snake Lady (4*)

Not as strong as the Dark Snake Lady, but still very powerful.

Sharma – Dark Time Keeper (4*)

Sharma has so much utility and damage. Lowers skill cooldown, remove buffs from enemy, heal, remove debuffs from allies, Ongoing Damage, Block Buffs and Mortal Wounds. Also has synergy trait that decreases skill cooldown time.

Lemondrop – Light Candy Munchkin (4*)

Almost has same skill set as Peppermint (Nature Candy Munchkin) but Lemondrop is light element, which means you can bring her anywhere without worrying about elemental disadvantages.

Suzuri – Nature Ink Ninja (5*)

Has good damage, decent Ongoing Damage and Mark debuff.

Light,Nature or Water Siege Tower (5*)

All these three element has Ongoing Damage on their third active skill. They are all really tanky and reliable. Some says they could carry the team by themselves.

Dark, Light, Nature or Water Blademaster (5*)

One of the strongest flat damage dealers in game. Requires really good gears to deal more damage than an Ongoing Damage debuffer. Not recommended for starters but still viable, especially the Nature and Dark Blademaster where they have Max HP scaling on their third skill.

How do I Gear my Champions?

High amount of HP, defense and some accuracy on your debuffer such as Rota and Mojo. The Vital and Adept gear set are the best option. Precise set are pretty good too. 3-5* gears are fine depending on the stats, be sure to have % stats on your shoulder, glove and bracer. Adept set is highly recommend to have on your support buffer, you can farm them in Steel Widow boss raid, even on stage 3 if you can.


There are many more champions that are strong on Elder Drake boss raid but these are the notable ones. Feel free to test them out and let us know what do you think.

Note: If you have any additional information or have found anything to be wrong in this guide, please comment below so we can make adjustments.

Elder Drake Teams

Elder Drake B7 Team by Dawhveed

A simple F2P team for Elder Drake. Watch the video

Water Time Keeper - Manas

5 star max, 24k hp, 1174 atk, 536 def, 1.73 atk speed
Gear: Brutal/Vital

Water Crystal Priest - Zircon

5 star max, 30k hp, 400 atk, 672 def, 1.6 atk speed
Gear: Vital x3

Nature Grublin Shaman - Mojo

5 star max, 28k hp, 700 atk, 710 def, 1.74 atk speed
Gear: Vital x3

Nature Valkyrie - Rota

5 star max, 25k hp, 550 atk, 580 def, 2.65 atk speed
Gear: Rapid/Keen

Light Boon Sister - Xenia

5 star max, 37k hp, 490 atk, 740 def, 1.55 atk speed

Elder Drake Videos


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