DFFO Tidus


An animated and light-hearted blitzball player from the metropolis of Zanarkand. Sent to the unknown world of Spira,he meets Yuna and joins her on her pilgrimage as a guardian. His naturally cheerful demeanor and actions even transform the principles of Spira. Tidus resents his father, the legendary Jecht, and is known for his outspoken nature.

Final Fantasy X
BRV Attacker BRV/HP Attacker Debuff
Weapon Type

Basic Guide

Tidus is a fast BRV/HP attacker that can apply speed debuff to the enemy. Let’s take a look at the key elements of Tidus.



So is Tidus’s Weapon Worth Pulling?

The answer depends on your team. Currently, there are other characters that can fill the speed BRV attacker role. They are:

If you happen to have any of the characters above with their weapons (or maxed out), then you can get by with not getting Tidus’s weapon. As a F2P player, your goal is to save enough gems and tickets to only pull characters you want. You can also give any 5 star sword weapon of other characters to Tidus to help you out with the current co-op.

Below is a 85k clear of with 3 Tidus!




Command Abilities

CommandDescriptionAttributesMax Uses
Quick Hit3-hit Melee BRV attack. High turn rateBRV Melee 10
Slash2-hit Melee BRV attack. Target: Fair chance SPD Down I for 5 turnsBRV HP Debuff 7
Slash Combo (Brotherhood)2-hit Melee BRV attack + HP attack. Target: 6 turns SPD Down I, ATK Down I, DEF Down I. High turn rate. Requires Brotherhood's passive.BRV HP Debuff 7

Passive Abilities

Quick Hit Power UpSlightly raises the potency of Quick Hit.105
BRV Speed UpSlightly raises Speed when BRV is over 50%.1010
First StrikeModerately raises Attack Power at the start of each battle.1015
Slash Power UpSlightly raises the potency of Slash.1025
Ability Attack HighSlightly raises BRV damage when using abilities continuously.1030
Quick Hit ChargeIncreases the max uses of Quick Hit by 1.1035
Break Bonus UpSlightly raises Break Bonus earned after breaking an enemy.1040
Slash ChargeIncreases the max uses of Slash by 1.1045
Ace StrikerSlightly raises Speed for 1 turn when BRV equals 0.2050
Buff Speed UpSlightly raises Speed while buffed.554
Quick Hit ExtendIncreases Quick Hit's max uses by 2 and moderately raises its potency.1555
Debuff Attack&Boost UpModerately raises Max BRV and Attack Power while an enemy is debuffed.558
Slash ExtendIncreases Slash's and Slash Combo's max uses by 1 and slightly raises their potency.1560

Artifact Passives

BRV Guard Up 1 Raises Defense Power by 5% when BRV is over 50% Max BRV.
BRV Guard Up 2 Raises Defense Power by 10% when BRV is over 50% Max BRV.
Rapid Speed 1 Raises Speed by 5% for 1 turn after breaking an enemy.
Rapid Speed 2 Raises Speed by 10% for 1 turn after breaking an enemy.
Mighty Quick Hit 1 Raises BRV Damage dealt by Quick Hit by 5%.
Mighty Quick Hit 2 Raises BRV Damage dealt by Quick Hit by 10%.
Mighty Slash 1 Raises BRV Damage dealt by Slash by 5%.
Mighty Slash 2 Raises BRV Damage dealt by Slash by 10%.