DFFO Ramza


A squire in the Order of the Northern Sky who was born into House Beoulve, a respected noble family that serves the kingdom. His belief that one should never sacrifice another's life stems from his strong moral compass. He is the unknown hero of the War of the Lions who stood against the Church of Glabados to save his beloved sister, Alma.

Final Fantasy Tactics
Buff BRV Healer Support
Weapon Type

Basic Guide

Ramza is a great support that provides attack buff and also party BRV regen. Team him up with attackers and you have a solid team!



Where he currently stands

Ramza in his current state in global pales in comparison to what he’ll eventually become, you may have heard a lot of hype concerning how good he is, but notice he will not be as good as you’re hearing on release and up until his 60cap which is more or less a long way off. He’s not a terrible support, and he does provide some really nice buffs, but you may not find yourself as satisfied as you expected to be when using him!

What is his Future?

Ramza becomes a much stronger party buffer in the future when obtaining his level 60 awakening. He also has buffed HP and BRV atks that give him additional benefits when simply doing either under certain conditions! Below are his passives past 50 up to 60.

As you can infer from there, ramza becomes a lot stronger with his lvl60 cap. If you’re planning on playing long-term, pulling wont be a bad idea as you’ll eventually get your gems worth.

Notice: His weapons will be featured again in the future on banners in the future, including his level 60 awakening banner, do not be pressured to spend all your gems right now for it.

Credit: ParticularDinner




Command Abilities

CommandDescriptionAttributesMax Uses
ShoutModerately raises ATK and slightly raises MAX BRV & SPD based on own ATK for 5 turns with ShoutBuff 5
SupportParty: 6 turns ATK Up I & BRV Regen. High turn rateBuff Party BRV 5

Passive Abilities

Shout BRV GainGains a small amount of BRV after using Shout.105
Spirit of CompetitionGrants 100% critical hit rate when BRV equals or exceeds Initial BRV and target's BRV is over twice of that BRV.510
Shout ChargeIncreases the max uses of Shout by 1.1515
Break SupplySlightly raises Break Bonus earned after an ally breaks an enemy.1025
Critical Power UpSlightly raises BRV damage inflicted by critical hits.530
Support LightSlightly reduces action delay after using Steel.1035
BRV Speed UpSlightly raises Speed when BRV is over 50%.1040
Back AttackSlightly raises BRV Damage when attacking an enemy who is not targeting the user.1545
The Strongest SquireSlightly raises Initial BRV, Max BRV, Attack Power and Defense Power if HP is Max when the final battle starts.2050
Start Speed UpSlightly raises Speed for 3 turns when the battle starts.554
Shout ExtendIncreases Shout's max uses by 1. Slightly improves its effects and lowers its action delay. Turns HP Attack into HP Attack+ while Shout is active (HP Attack+ raises BRV based on Attack Power before dealing damage).1555
Buff Base UpModerately raises Initial BRV while buffed.558
Support ExtendIncreases Support's max uses by 2. Slightly raises the potency of Attack Up and BRV Regen. Grants Max BRV Up to all party members as well. Turns BRV Attack into BRV Attack+ for 9 turns after using Support (BRV Attack+ raises all allies' BRV based on Attack Power).1560

Artifact Passives

Bravery HP Damage 1 Raises BRV by 5% of Initial BRV after taking HP damage.
Bravery HP Damage 2 Raises BRV by 10% of Initial BRV after taking HP damage.
The Strongest Squire Boost 1 Increases the effects of The Strongest Squire by 2%.
The Strongest Squire Boost 2 Increases the effects of The Strongest Squire by 5%.
Bravery Shout 1 Raises BRV by 5% of Initial BRV after using Shout.
Bravery Shout 2 Raises BRV by 10% of Initial BRV after using Shout.
Bravery Support 1 Raises BRV by 5% of Initial BRV after using Support.
Bravery Support 2 Raises BRV by 10% of Initial BRV after using Support.