Chapter 7 Character Review – Zell, Vincent & Layle

By Gamer Dan March 30, 2018

With chapter 7 just newly released, we finally get 3 new characters in Zell from FF8, Vincent from FF7 and Layle from FFCC. I will go over some analysis and their weapon banners that is currently available.

Weapon Banner Analysis

With this banner, you can get:

  • Dark Shout (35 CP weapon for Vincent – Boosts BOTH Skills)
  • Shortbarrel (15 CP weapon for Vincent – Boosts 1st Skill)
  • Maverick (15 CP weapon for Zell – Boosts 1st Skill)
  • Tida’s Phantom (15 CP weapon for Layle – Boosts 1st Skill)

It is very evident that the main attraction here is Vincent’s 35CP weapon Dark Shout. It just boosts his offense a lot more.

I recommend that you only pull if they are your favorite characters. Otherwise, as a F2P player, save your gems for Lightning or Prishe!


Since we get to have his 35CP weapon, we will go with him first. He is a ranged attacker with 2 element BRV attacks -> Fire and Thunder! That makes him a versatile BRV shaver.

If you currently lack a Fire or Thunder BRV attacker, Vincent can fill both roles very well. Deadly Beast Flare reduces fire resistance and initial BRV of the enemy and Livewire Shot reduces their thunder resistance and attack. Having the Dark Shout will extend both Vincent’s debuff duration and potency of both skills.

While Prishe of the future will be able to outperform Vincent, I think it will be a long time before we get her.


Zell only gets his first 15 CP weapon that improves Punch Rush and Burning Rave. The interesting mechanic of Zell’s skills makes him a fun one to play.

Each time you use either Punch Rush or Booya, he gains the Duel buff and unlocks Burning Rave and Meteor Barrage. Both skills will consume the Duel buff once you use the one of them. Burning Rave is an AoE attack that deals BRV/Hp damage to the target and then 10% HP to other non targets. Keep in mind that Burning Rave is actually ranged.

Meteor Barrage does good BRV/HP attack as well and has the Thunder element, making it useful against enemies weak to Thunder.

My take on him is to wait for his 35 CP banner!


Layle is a hybrid physical and magical ranged attacker. His normal attacks count as physical, but his skills counts as a magic attack.

His first skill Field Burst does BRV magic attack and makes enemy vulnerable to knock ups. His second skill is a BRV/HP attack that has a very high chance of knock up.

I would say he is a support attacker and complements a team that has knock up abilities like Cloud or Cecil. Since both Cecil and Cloud have physical knock up skills, Layle stands out as the magical knock up character. However, his is not 100% guaranteed, so most people would still pick Cloud for the chase role.

His 15 CP weapon is alright that boosts his first skill and increase chances of knock up but nothing to write home about.

His future 35 CP weapon is something you want to pay attention to though. It greatly improves the knock up chance and raises all allie’s BRV!


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