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(Top 6) Free Final Fantasy Mobile Games

By Matt July 30, 2018

Top 6 Free Final Fantasy Mobile Games

This list is based on Dark Pixel Gaming’s video. It’s their list of the best 6 free Final Fantasy mobile games.

6. Justice Monsters Five

Justice Monsters Five is a game that actually takes place in the lore of Final Fantasy 15. It’s one of those “in-universe” franchises that the world itself knows as a movie series or game series.

The characters in FF15 often reference Justice Monsters Five as a game and mention it in often conversation. What’s even better is the game itself is playable within FF15.

The phone game is the same game given in FF15. It’s a pinball-style game that involves all the Justice Monsters Five material given in the main game.

Being a pinball game it can be a little different than most mobile games out there. But play it for thirty minutes and you’ll already get a feel and taste of lore about the Justice Monsters Five characters.

It’s a fun little game and it’s great for any big fans of the FF15 universe. Really adds to the overall experience of both.

5. King’s Knight

King’s Knight is based on the original Square Soft game King’s Knight that was released for the NES back in 1986. It was a game where you controlled four different characters in a top-down scrolling screen while fighting monsters and avoiding obstacles.

But King’s Knight has recently been given a reboot for mobile devices. It’s not exactly a Final Fantasy game but it is directly tied into Final Fantasy 15.

Just like Justice Monsters Five, King’s Knight is a game that exists within the FF15 universe. Essentially a game the kids of that universe grew up playing and constantly reference.

If you enjoy FF15 then just play this game a little bit. You’ll immediately see and notice things that the characters in the game reference about King’s Knight.

4. Final Fantasy: All the Bravest

Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is not one of the best FF mobile games out there. In fact, it might be the lowest rated FF mobile game on the market. But it still comes in above the last two.

What makes All the Bravest worth playing is the interesting take on the gameplay style. You have access to having fifteen different characters in a battle at once and this makes things extremely intense when playing.

Going through tons of different Final Fantasy characters and monsters from throughout the series is the real draw to this game. You have to be quick minded and fast with your thumbs when playing however because the battle system can get out of control very quickly.

3. Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy is graphically the best looking FF Mobile game by far. It has current console-level visuals and the way it looks maybe it’s biggest selling point.

Mobius is a great FF game in terms of gameplay too. Having turn-based style combat with a twist thrown into it that adds a bit of originality to the game.

The job system makes a return in an interesting way. And there is a big overall story for the game which a lot of mobile games can lack sometimes.

The story itself is interesting and for FF fans it’ll be a familiar look into some old school characters that may pop up. It’s a fun time and definitely worth some investment for fans.

2. Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is similar to All the Bravest in terms of it including a lot of the well known FF characters into the game. But Record Keeper does it in more suitable and entertaining fashion.

The whole point of Record Keeper is going through the stories of previous FF games and collecting characters from all throughout the series history. There are tons of famous and even lesser known characters you can get in this game and they really make up the difference.

It is a very battle-focused game though. Most of the game takes place in the traditional turn-based combat system so if you’re not too into doing that every few minutes this may not be the game for you.

But for those who love the combat, it’s what makes Record Keeper so good. Being able to build your dream team of FF characters and fight in iconic battles from throughout the series. It’s a great time and something for any FF fan to invest in.

1. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius maybe the best FF mobile game released to date. For those who have been wanting an old school traditional FF game with the ATB combat system and full on RPG style this is definitely for you.

Brave Exvius is a game that feels just like the old school NES FF games and plays a lot like them to. It has it’s own original story and though it may not be as deep as the full franchise games it is just as good.

What’s even better is that this game has some exploration to it. It takes place in a world of its own where you can walk around and explore it like other FF games in the past.

And for being a free game, what it’s offering is a little unreal. Of course, the battle system isn’t going to be spot on or perfect but it does a very good job with what it’s set up.

Plus, the amount of available characters in this game is amazing and one of the biggest pulls to it. Brave Exvius is worth every second you give it and the ideal mobile game for Final Fantasy fans.

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