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Top 15 Best Horror Anime Series?

By Matt July 27, 2018

15 Best Horror Anime

This list is based on Misty Chronexia’s video. Listing 15 of their favorite Horror Anime.

1. Another

I think Another Is one of the most Iconic Horror titles. It tends to be the first one people go to who want to get into the genre.

The story is about a transfer student who moves to a new school and gets drawn toward a girl with an eyepatch. Then the students around him start to die one by one in very final destination-esque ways.

It only has 13 episodes and takes a few of those early episodes to really get good. But by the first couple episodes, you’ll be in for a lot of blood and gore that Another is known for.

2. Hell Girl

Hell Girl is an episodic anime that is more of an anthology type story than a continuous plot. It follows Hell Girl as she goes from person to person granting them wishes in return for their souls.

Each episode is a different story that follows a new character. But it essentially all ends up the same way with Hell Girl getting the soul’s she’s promised.

This is definitely more of your Horror genre in the sense of suspense and scares more than the final destination murder style of Another.

3. Re: Zero Kara

A lot of people won’t agree that Re: Zero deserves the horror title but for some of the things it does it fits well. Re: Zero is the story about a guy who finds himself in a fantasy world but everytime he dies he goes back in time to the moment he got there having to relive the events all over again.

It’s a typical modern human in a fantasy story but the way some plots are executed can come off in a pretty blood chilling way. The story itself isn’t exactly terrifying but how the art and overall feel of a scene portray’s itself definitely gives a bit of a horror vibe.

4. Parasyte The Maxim

Parasyte is another anime that doesn’t exactly fall into the horror category. But it definitely has a scare or discomfort factor that puts it in the running.

Visually, Parasyte can be a very disturbing anime having a lot of uncomfortable visual moments. The story is about humans who get infected with a Parasyte and one of them keeps it from overtaking his brain causing it to only take over his hand.

Then they team up and start killing other Parasytes that appear. The show at its core is not mean to be a horror story but the way it executes some things and definitely it’s art choices can make it a fair choice.

5. Umineko/Higurashi

Umineko and Higurashi are an alternate dimension anime about a family that reunites on an island. The point of the story is about how the family is slowly dying and they have to fight for their lives in order to survive.

It’s kind of a gateway into dark horror anime because of how gruesome it can get as it goes on. Definitely, one to start with and get an idea of where horror anime can go.

6. Blood-C

Blood-C could be seen by a lot of people as an odd choice over Blood+. Both of which are great but Blood-C is shorter out of the two and the smaller episode pool just works better for horror.

Blood-C is one of those gory horror anime where a lot of the scares comes from the imagery. A lot of blood and people being torn apart, definitely your typical anime gorefest.

7. Elfen Lied

Speaking of gory horror, Elfen Lied is probably right up there with Higurashi or Another. It’s a story about Lucy who is a science experiment that gains psychic powers and essentially goes on a killing spree.
There is a lot of limb slicing and blood flying in this one. And visually it can get pretty disturbing which is really what gives it the same horror vibe as some of the others.

8. From the New World

This anime follows a group of kids that go to school in a village. But one day the kids start disappearing. Typical horror story start-up, right?

Add in some fantasy elements and psychokinesis and you’ve got yourself a horror story that fits right up there with Hellsing Ultimate and Parasyte. It’s another short one with a great horror vibe to it and worth a watch for anyone who digs this kind of style.

9. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland is the story of a boy who is accused of murder at his school and is thrown into a prison where all the inmates wear collars. These collars are used in prison games which they are forced to go through or else they die.

It’s a super sadistic story with a lot of visual horrors, gore, and all that fun stuff. It didn’t get the highest praise in Japan or the best ending for the anime but the Manga did a much better job at sending this one off.

10. Soul Eater

Soul Eater is one of those animes that visually has what you’d expect in something horror themed but may not come off as a “horror” anime per say. Visually, Soul Eater has some terrifying things from its monsters to some of its character designs.

But the overall feel of the show is more comedic and action-packed. Yet, even with that, there are some cases where it truly is a haunting and unsettling ride to go through. Despite its roots in action and comedy, it knows how to give a good scare.

11. Zetman

Zetman is a story about two “Super-heroes” who fight against abominations bent on destroying mankind. It’s an interesting concept especially since one of the characters is an actual super-human while the other fights with technology.

Visually, it’s got a lot of horror aspects to it with how disturbing some of the scenes are. It’s definitely good for a watch.

12. Night Head Genesis

This one is interesting because it’s less of a horror anime and more of a thriller/suspense story. It’s about a character who unlocks a special power within the depths of his brain giving him powerful psychic abilities.

It’s one of those stories about having a lot of power and what you’d do with it. And it does a good job at keeping things suspenseful. So horror may not be the proper term for it, but it hits the mark just close enough.

13. Kagewani

Kagewani is an interesting anime due to its art style and episode length. It’s a short 26 episode anime but each one is only about 7 minutes long.

The story is about a crew of essentially internet reporters that do “buzz-feed” style articles and sightings on things. But the crew starts getting picked off one by one by a monster. It’s definitely a different feel because of it’s art style but it is a true classic horror aspect.

14. Yami No Matsuei

This anime is one of those suspense meets comedy ones. It’s an older anime and follows a Shinigami. The whole point of the story is our main character working as a Shinigami in the works of making sure the dead “Stay dead”.

As far as horror goes, it has its moments. Probably not entirely classified as full-on “Horror” genre but it’s definitely fitting in some cases.

15. Ookamikakushi

This is definitely a soft-spoken anime not many people know about. It’s based on a visual novel about a boy who moves into a city that’s split into two parts.

One part is your typical normal living town while the other part could be considered haunted. The whole story revolves around the main character realizing how nice everyone is to him except one girl. And this particular girl telling him not to go into the low part of town.

But he does, and all manner of horrifying things happen to him. It’s a little out there but a good watch regardless.

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