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Top 10 Best Mobile Games (Gacha/Hero Collectors RPG’s)

By Matt August 10, 2018

By FG3000 – The Next Hokage

Top 10 Mobile Gacha/Hero Collectors RPG’s

Based on FG3000 – The Next Hokage’s video. We’re going over the top 10 Gacha mobile games. Gacha or hero collectors is a mobile game genre that centers around using an in-game currency to buy character draws.

10. Disney Heroes Battle Mode

Disney Heroes Battle Mode is a game that will not appeal to everyone. Mostly because the battle system is basically an auto play where you watch your team as they do their thing.

But even with that said, there is something charming about seeing all the different Disney characters fighting side by side. It’s got a great art design and a good cash shop format.

There are some exclusive characters but even those are given to FTP players through some events. So overall, it’s a great starting point on our list.

9. Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force is one of the best games on the market in terms of presentation. Having great graphics, good art design, and a flood of one of the most popular I.P’s with Marvel Comics.

The game has a slew of Marvel characters including most anyone you can think of. The variety of characters is great and the overall look is amazing.

But the reason it’s not higher on the list is that of the actual gameplay. The game modes leave something to be desired either feeling uninspired or more like a chore than actual gaming.

It’s a few quality of life patches away from truly being amazing. And by then it would definitely score a higher place.

8. Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Voltage

A great Gacha Game based on the Naruto anime series, what could be better? The fact that the game had no actual updates or anything during the first seven months was a bit of a red flag.

But since then there have been major updates to the game. Giving it a lot more variety and even increasing the overall summon rates.

The gameplay modes are great because each mode you play really feels different from one another. Whereas other mobile games kind of stick to one style and run with it.

If the game keeps up with the patch schedule and going the direction it’s headed then it’s going to become a real heavy hitting in the Gacha genre market.

7. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a game that came out with a lot of backlash from the fan community. At first, it wasn’t really loved because it didn’t seem as deep as other Fire Emblem games.

But over time the love for this game has grown massively and it’s become far more popular. It has a big Youtube following and a massive and active Reddit.

The game is constantly updating adding new fan favorite characters every few updates. And they even added a safety net feature to the Gacha summons.

Making it so that if you don’t pull a high-rank character your rates increase every single summon until you finally do. It’s a game that took a little bit to get its bearings but now it’s in full force and at its peak.

6. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

An easy way to start off this one is simply by saying if you like Star Wars, RPG’s, and Gacha games then play Galaxy of Heroes. It’s one of the oldest ones on the mobile market that has probably pioneered most of the Gacha mobile game format.

There are so many game modes in Galaxy of Heroes that if you’re looking for something specific this game probably has it. The amount of characters it has is shocking pulling from all over the Star Wars universe from both good and evil sides.

It’s a great Gacha game and probably one that set the stage for all others that came after. It’s a hero collecting game and it does hero collecting right.

5. Darkness Rises


Darkness Rises is an interesting addition to this list because it’s not a hero Gacha, it’s a weapon Gacha game. You collect different weapons for your character instead of different characters themselves.

But the game around the Gacha is incredible especially for being a mobile game. It runs at 60 FPS and looks like a full on console level game.

And the best part is everything is done in real time. Most mobile games have PvP and online modes where it’s basically A.I vs. A.I but Darkness Rises does it differently.

All PvP and other multiplayer modes are done in real time. Playing with real players at the same time with no A.I assistance in between.

This game is extremely impressive, with how much it has put into it. And for being a mobile game it pushes above and beyond.

4. King’s Raid

Do you like anime-inspired characters? Weapon Gacha’s over Hero Gacha’s? Then King’s Raid is the game for you.

It has a massive pool of characters for you to choose from and the gameplay is top tier for the genre. If you ask anyone to recommend a good hero collector game 8 times out of 10, someone will recommend King’s Raid.

It’s one of the few games where the developer actually listened to the community and made a lot of quick changes based on feedback. So if you’re a new player starting now you’ll be jumping in with a lot of quality of life things and a bunch of goodies for FTP players.

3. Is it Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

There are a lot of games out there that try to take the title of best for FTP players. But this game is the one that truly does it right.

There are plenty of players who haven’t spent a dime in this game but are able to play competitively and completely clear story mode. It constantly throws premium currency at you and makes it very easy for FTP players to get far.

It has several different game modes and as a bonus, the story mode is lined up word for word with the anime. If you’re not caught up in the anime you can play the game and get literally everything you would by watching it.

It’s an interesting game in its own right and gives a lot to FTP players. Definitely worth putting some time into for any fans of the anime of the game genre itself.

2. Fate Grand Order

When you hear about this game the first thing you probably think of is stories about people blowing all their money trying to get one specific character. That’s not the theme this game sets up as there are tons of players that play completely free and have no issues within the game.

The game itself is probably one of the best out there having a large cast of character and a great battle mode. For those of you who aren’t fans of auto-play, you’ll be happy to know this game has no auto-play what so ever.

Another great thing about this game is the localization team. The translation of this game is incredible and probably one of the best selling points about it.

So if you’re a fan of Fate Grand Order, Gacha games, or just good mobile games in general then this is one for you.

1. Knights Chronicle

The number one spot on this list goes to Knights Chronicle. Now, Knights Chronicle isn’t exactly revolutionary by any means.

It has the anime-inspired look, it does Guilds, a story mode, raids, all the things other Gacha games do. But what makes Knights Chronicle so good is that it adds so much more polish to these game modes.

You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel, just make a better wheel. That’s the best analogy I can think of to describe Knights Chronicle.

And it’s business platform is great as well. Giving so much to FTP players like daily free summons and a free SSR character every 7 days you log in.

There is a lot to like about this game and it deserves its spot at number one on this list.

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