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[Top 10] Memorable Final Fantasy Story Bosses

By Matt September 11, 2018

Final Fantasy is known for its massive roster of characters both good and bad. But throughout the series, there have been a lot of bosses in the game that showed up during the story and pushed it further along.

Final bosses are typically where the story ends and is the big climax of it all, though there may be one or two on this list. This list is going to go over ten of the most memorable bosses from the stories of the games that really stood out.

These entries will be chosen based on their importance or place in the story, their design, or their overall ability to stand out in the long list of final fantasy bosses.

Number 10. Ifrit – Final Fantasy 8

The first boss of Final Fantasy 8 and one of the most interesting. Fighting summons in the games wasn’t a common thing as much as it is in current FF games.

So when the first boss turned out to be Ifrit it was a really interesting twist. You have to fight Ifrit as part as an exam and trial to prove that you’re strong enough to have him as a Guardian Force.

The fight itself isn’t too difficult and with both Squall and Quistis, it has a very student/teacher story feel to it. But the boss fight experience alone isn’t what makes it on this list but what it sets up.

This is the first boss and the first gained GF in the game you get outside of the academy. After this is where the story takes off and then things get crazy.

Number 9. Demons Gate – Final Fantasy 7

This one is a pain I’m sure everyone remembers. The gate that separates players from the infamous Aerith death scene.

To those of us who were lucky enough to actually get to that scene, bravo. To the rest of you who are still fighting this boss, well that’s why it’s here.

Demons Gate is probably the most difficult boss on the first disc of the game. He hits ridiculously hard and has a thing for causing statuses.

In terms of story purpose, he doesn’t really have much other than being a wall that keeps you out of the Temple of the Ancients. But he’s memorable because of the difficulty he is and that feeling of finally triumphing over him, only to be immediately deflated by the tear-jerking scene that follows him.

Number 8. Evrae – Final Fantasy X

One of the more difficult bosses in FFX if you don’t have a good understanding of the Trigger Commands. Evrae is the guardian of Bevelle that attacks you when you lead the assault on Seymour and Yuna’s wedding.

Its fight is interesting as you have to move the ship closer and further away from it to avoid certain attacks or get in attack distance. The boss itself is nothing special design wise, just a giant sky worm.

And it’s attacks are your basic status nightmares. It’s his place in the story that makes him memorable because right after him is the amazing Bevelle scene and level.

He’s the gatekeeper to the back half of Final Fantasy X. Which I think most can agree is the better half of the game.

Number 7. Garland – Final Fantasy 9

The mastermind behind nearly everything in this game. Garland is introduced as the true big bad.

You meet him at Terra, he explains the whole master plan about everything, and then his boss fight is actually pretty fun cause it’s not too crazy.

Garland is built up to be this amazing old fashion villain with good motives and character. But is immediately killed off by Kuja right after you finish his fight.

It’s a complete 180. from where you expect the story to go and it solidifies Kuja as the true main villain of the game. And this game has had a main villain shift twice already up to this point so a third one was just out of left field.

Number 6. Kefka – Final Fantasy 6


The only final boss on this list and for good reason because it’s Kefka. His character, motive, everything about him will always and forever stand out.

But his boss fight is the most memorable thing in that game. Being the massive tower of heaven style fight.

Going up the tower battling the different levels that symbolize the different gods and monsters you’ve faced. Until you reach Kefka at the top who hovers above it all as if a god.

Kefka is great and his boss fight is the perfect send off to the character. He’s really what makes FF6 so memorable in the first place

Number 5. The Four Fiends – Final Fantasy 1/9

Now, this is a bit of a cheat one because these are four bosses that appear across two games. But in both games, they are the same bosses regardless.

I’m including them as a single entry because of how directly related to each other they are. The Four Fiends are Lich, Marilith, Kraken, and Tiamat.

They are the Four Fiends of Chaos in the first Final Fantasy and the keepers of the mirrors/guardians of Memoria in Final Fantasy 9. Their designs are great and their fights are memorable because of how important they are to the story.

In both games, you do not progress anywhere unless you fight these bosses. And in FF9, you have to fight Lich then fight all four fiend’s again at the end of the game.

The direct connection these guys create between the first game and FF9 is one of the best things about them. The two games have always had a strong connection in terms of world, characters, and design and these guys prove that.

Number 4. Dyne – Final Fantasy 7

A rough boss fight in terms of story. Dyne is a solo fight you do with Barret as a huge turning point in his story.

Dyne is Barret’s best friend and the real father to his daughter, Marlene. Dyne was thought to be dead after Shinra raided their mining town.

But now you find Dyne in a desert prison with the same gun arm Barret has. The only difference is, Dyne sees himself as too far gone to return to his daughter and forces Barret to fight him.

In the end, Dyne ends his own life leaving a very bittersweet feeling to the conclusion of Barret’s story. But it is one of the best story segments in the entire game the boss fight is just as memorable because of it.

Number 3. Beatrix – Final Fantasy 9

A fan favorite character of this game. Beatrix is the general and holy knight of Alexandria and she is a beast.

She is the only boss in most Final Fantasy games where you actually cannot win no matter how strong your party is. She shows up at the end of the first disc and proceeds to absolutely stomp your party with no effort.

If she somehow doesn’t wipe your team within the first few moves, she ends the fight with Stock Break leaving everyone with 1HP. She then shows up two more times and bulldozes your team again.

The hopelessness she gives that you just cannot win no matter what is a great design choice for a boss. It really puts you in the characters shoes instead of making you watch it through a cutscene.

Number 2.  Leviathan – Final Fantasy 15

Leviathan is a popular summon in the Final Fantasy series. But it’s boss fight in FF15 is probably one of the coolest moments of the entire game.

Leviathan is summoned and begins tearing apart an entire city with its power. As Noctis, you’re part of a full-on attack against the beast as your friends protect the city.

You run in head first on your own and fight the giant sea snake. Most of the fight you’re flying through the air firing your many weapons at it or rushing up to attack it.

The fight itself is unique, interactive, and just overall fun to do. But how important this fight is to the story is what really brings it out.

This fight is where the story shifts and everything changes. Major characters have huge plot points and a few of them end up with permanent changes you can’t reverse and it’s all because of this boss.

Number 1. The Dark Aeons – Final Fantasy X-2

The greatest concept to come out of Final Fantasy X or X-2. I could pick just one so I’m including the idea of them as a whole.

The Dark Aeons are super-powered versions of the Aeons in FFX. But in X-2 you have to fight them all as bosses and they are fun.

The significance of them is really stunning. Each Aeon used to be partners of Yuna’s in Final Fantasy X, and at the end of that game, she had to destroy each one of them in order to defeat Yu Yevon.

Then in X-2, The Dark Aeons rise up and decide to cause chaos forcing Yuna to once again kill the things that she had respected and created such a bond with.

It’s a really heartbreaking scenario when you think about it. And with how amazing the designs are and the boss fights themselves, these guys stand out among all other games.

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