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(Top 10) Isekai Anime You Should Watch

By Matt July 12, 2018

Top 10 Isekai Anime

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best examples of the anime sub-genre that involves an average Joe being transported into a vast fantasy world.

10. Gate

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a modern military took on the might of an empire made of dragons elves and magic? Well wonder no longer.

After the titular gate opens and invaders attack Tokyo, Japan sends in its Task Force in order to retaliate and occupy the foreign territory. If you like your characters smart, precise and open to employing a little thing called strategy, then this one’s for you.

Don’t get us wrong, you’re still getting to see a dragon taken out by a rocket launcher but the sensibleness that comes from the soldiers is still a breath of fresh air.

9. Sword Art Online

Yes. Yes. Everyone has their opinion about this anime. What can’t be denied, However, is that its polarizing status has also made it one of the most popular Isekai series out there.
After finding themselves trapped inside a virtual reality video game, Future lovebirds Kirito and Asuna must band together to dungeon crawl their way to freedom. All the while taking down other players, monsters and each other between the sheets.
You’d do well to check out this series for yourself before deciding whether its infamy is warranted or not.

8. Digimon Adventure

Each iteration of this beloved franchise gives us a new band of DigiDestined along with their digital partners. But to our mind, there’s no beating the original group of kids who first stepped foot on the shores of the digital world.

With the power of friendship and some badass Digivolutions, Tai and company have to battle against the forces of darkness in order to protect both their homes from facing deletion. The action scenes are awesome and the dynamic between the kids is engrossing and there’s a surprising amount of heart at its core.

7. The Saga of Tanya the Evil

Japanese salaryman gets reincarnated as a nine-year-old to kill and forced to fight in a magical war on behalf of pseudo-Germany because they pissed off God. Welcome to Tanya’s world. The crazy premise doesn’t even begin to quantify just how ridiculous this series is.

Thankfully for all the right reasons. With a trigger finger that can drop enemy soldiers like flies and the scariest smile ever putt to animation, Tani’s new life as a squadron commander is a bombastic ride from beginning to end.

6. Log Horizon

Another day, Another anime about a guild of players trapped inside a video game. It may be a familiar premise but trust us when we say this one perfects the basics to the point where even the traditional storyline is given new life.

With a delightful cast including master enchanter, Shiro at the helm this series gives you everything you could possibly want from a classic fantasy tale. If the Protagonists just happened to be veteran MMORPG players. As such expect to see plenty of upper tier spells lighting up the screen.

5. Drifters

From the beautifully batshit insane minds that brought us Helsing, this unorthodox gorefest see’s prominent historical figures brought together by an omnipotent being in order to fight against some of times deadliest villains.

One moment you’ll see famed swordsman Yohisha Mizzou slicing through guards to protect a group of elves and the next you’ll have Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid gunning down orcs while escaping from a burning city.

Oh, and their main foe is someone who could potentially be Jesus Christ. You have to experience this incredible insanity for yourself

4. No Game, No Life

Unable to be apart for a single moment without breaking down, Spending every hour of every day owning people at video games, Siblings Sora and Shiro really didn’t have that many career prospects going their way.

That is until they find themselves transported into a fantasy world where gaming literally decides everything. With their unparalleled skills, The two soon find themselves leading the remnants of humanity to reclaiming its former glory as its new monarchs.

3. Overlord

Make no mistake. This isn’t exactly the story of a hero. This is the rise of one of the most powerful villains in all of creation.

After finding himself trapped inside his in-game avatar player turned Unbeatable and dead Ainz Ooal Gown decides to employ his overwhelming power in the best way possible. Rule over everything and anything.

Watching him employ his unbeatable power and a host of dynamic monster guardians, Ainz’s conquest is beyond the pale of entertaining. It may be far from hateable, but the ruler of Nazareth would rather see humanity bend the knee to his will then protect the innocent

2. Konosuba

The world is vibrant. The lore is entrancing. It looks like it would be an adventurous paradise. At least it would just so long as you don’t end up joining this particular party.

After suffering a less than dignified death, Resident loveable douche Casimir finds himself being transported to an RPG world where he soon finds himself embroiled with three ladies who are more hindering than helpful.

A Goddess who is utterly useless, a knight with an extreme masochistic edge and a mage who only knows how to make things blow up. Needless to say, this is the antithesis of your average fantasy anime, and it’s bloody hilarious.

1. Re: ZERO: Starting life in another world

Death may not be the end of everything but that doesn’t make it any less unpleasant. Stranded in a world with danger literally around every turn our unfortunate hero Subaru finds himself intrinsically intertwined with the fate of the land and its inhabitants.

Just one little problem every time he dies he is brought back in time right to the moment where he first arrived. While the medley of gruesome deaths aren’t exactly pleasant to witness seeing Subaru overcome his suffering in order to save his new friends still makes for one hell of a watch.

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