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(Top 10) High School Romance Anime

By Matt July 18, 2018

Top 10 High School Romance Anime

For this list, we’ll be looking at the anime that features two characters falling in love inside a high school setting

10. School Rumble

school life is never simple, Especially when all those hormones start acting up, and you find yourself falling hopelessly in love. For Tenma and Harima, every day is a comedic catastrophe as they try to confess their feelings towards their high-school crushes.

For Tenma hits the decent, but the ultimately uninterested nice guy. For Harima, It’s Tenma. Yes, the school’s resident rebel is head over heels for our main girl, but try as he might fate just keeps getting in the way of his confessions bonus points for persistence though.

9. Lovely Complex

You wouldn’t have thought that something like height difference could be the driving force for a whole romantic narrative and yet Koizumi and Otani somehow managed to make it work. These two adorable dolts certainly don’t get off on the right foot and thank the pair of them could not be more different.

Yet through a series of hilarious trials and errors, the duo discovered that they complete each other. Guess when it comes to finding the perfect partner size doesn’t even factor into it.

8. Nisekoi

You think dealing with everyday life is hard when you’re a teen imagine being the child of an infamous Yakuza boss as well. Ichijou and Kirisaki the offspring of two rival gang leaders take an immediate distaste to each other upon their first meeting, Which makes things kind of awkward when it’s revealed that in order to harbor peace between both factions their parents insist that they pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

This leads to a whole host of problems down the line as the two not only have to find a way to keep their secret but also deal with the likes of love triangles, a brewing romance, and even hitmen.

7. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

All Yuuta wanted was to have an ordinary high school experience and fortunately for him that all goes out the window when Rika enters its life, a girl who happens to be the furthest thing from ordinary. Suffering from eighth-grader syndrome Rika lives in her own fantasy world one Yuuta keeps getting sucked back into.

As Yuuta finds himself drawn closer and closer to the quickie but cute Rika the wielder of the tyrant’s eye starts to discover that real-world feelings are perhaps even more magical than her own imagination.

6. Your Lie in April

If Music is the food of love play on due to a past riddled with tragedy and abuse Kosei has lost his passion for the piano that is until a fateful encounter with the beautiful violinist Kaori whose boundless energy not only leaves him smitten but revives his musical flair.

Fair warning now. Yes, you should absolutely watch this tale of friendship music and young love. But also be aware that said tale is full of so much heartache that you’ll need to constantly dry your eyes.

5. My Love Story

We’ve seen odd couples in anime before but none quite as peculiar as these two. Takeo may have a gentle soul, but he’s also a giant who’s bulky appearance has constantly scared away every girl he’s ever liked.

That is until he encounters the adorable Rinko, a girl able to look past the muscle. Thus begins a relationship that will have you crying with laughter one moment before knocking you right in the field soon after. The innocent yet oddly realistic portrayal of Tokeo and Rinko romance is just another example of how books can’t be judged by their covers.

4. Doukyuusei -Classmates-

Life as a high schooler can indeed be a difficult time of self-reflection, but it can also be one of immense beauty. Nowhere better is this demonstrated than with these two polar opposites. While Rihito spends his time getting perfect grades Hikaru is busy perfecting his guitar skills.
It isn’t long before a chance encounter leads the two boys developing a curious interest in each other which soon evolves into tender affection. As both a coming-of-age story and a beautiful romance, this is one that will really make your heart flutter.

3. Kimi Ni Todoke

These two are so perfect for each other that their chemistry almost makes us angry. In spite of being a very positive person, Sawako’s naivete and ghostly appearances into the nickname of Sadako the creepy female villain of the Ring film franchise.
As a result, her high school experience has been one of immense isolation at least it is until she strikes up a friendship with mr.popular himself, Kazehaya. Drawn to her inspiring personality the two find themselves growing closer and closer.

2. Clannad

We hope you didn’t put those tissues away because this anime will have you weeping before you know it. Happy to waste his days away, Delinquent Tomoya discovers a new reason to continue his school life after encountering the endearing yet awkward Nagisa.
The motivation to revive the drama club and over friendly nature gradually start to soften him along the seeds of romance to be planted. While the connection may be genuine, it certainly doesn’t skip out on the darkness. As the series goes to great lengths to expose the pain and turmoil each of facing in their own lives.

1. Toradora!

It’s a tale as old as time. Nice guy with a mean-looking mug meets adorable ball of fury. They clash, they bicker, They pretty much hate each other until they decide to work together in order to set the other up with their respective besties.

Who would have guessed that the tiger and the dragons resentment for each other would blossom into one of the most beautiful anime couplings of all time? Prepare to experience the full emotional spectrum much like our characters as they discover that all they need of life is each other.

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