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(Top 10) Craziest Anime Plot Twists

By Matt August 30, 2018

We’ll be counting down the times where an anime went off the rails with a sudden narrative development. Some are good, Some are awful, but all tread the line of WTF territory.

Number 10. Trust Nobody Not Even Yourself – Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Take out your notebooks kids because like everything in the fate, things are about to get complicated. Turns out that in an alternative timeline our boy Shiro became disillusioned with becoming a hero of Justice after seeing how self-destructive humanity can be.

After going on to become a sort of ish heroic spirit and brought into the fifth Holy Grail war, he decides the best course of action in order to fix things is to kill an alternative vision of his younger self. So as to counter the… you know, forget it. Where’s that wiki page?

Number 9.  Oh, this? It’s Laced with Satan – DevilMan Crybaby

You know how it is. One day you’re just kicking it back and the next thing you know, your best friend turns out to be the Prince of Darkness. After discovering his true identity, Ryo tries to recruit Akira into his plan for wiping out humanity and declaring war on heaven. Given how Ryo was the one who set him on his demonic path, to begin with, and Inadvertently caused the death of his beloved Miki. Akira is not exactly in a cooperative mode.

Number 8. Reincarnated and it Feels so Good – Naruto: Shippuden

Most fans tend to gloss over Naruto and company’s final battle with Kaguya simply because it introduced so many crazy new concepts in such a short space of time that it ended up doing the anime a disservice.

Out of the medley of sudden twists, the fact that Naruto and Sasuke are implied to be the Reincarnation of the sage of the six paths children takes the cake for us. Wasn’t this series originally all about fighting against fate prophecies and all that malarkey

Number 7. Jibun Wo-h Come On Now – Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

From the get-go, It was clear that Lelouch’s father was a scumbag wrapped in the body of a dictator. After all, He didn’t think twice about enslaving the Japanese and using the power of Ragnarok in the hope of taking control of all beings.

So yeah, definitely not the dad of the year material. But on the positive side, at least Lelouch’s mother was a sweet and caring woman one who was tragically killed. Oh, wait, no, she was just as bad as hubby as it’s revealed she went above and beyond in setting things in motion in the hope of unleashing Ragnarok.

She’s a deceitful witch of a woman.

Number 6. In Awe of the Size of This Lad – Attack on Titan

Erin Yeager is a determined young man who has managed to push past all manner of obstacles with sheer power alone. Getting devoured by a Titan is not one of them.

Even if we had no doubt that the protagonist wouldn’t be killed off only a couple of episodes in, it was still damn shocking to see Erin get bitten down to size on his very first mission. Things, of course, went totally balls to the walls afterward when he emerged from his captor’s stomach now a Titan himself.

Sure, we’re all used to his rampages by now, but back in the animes inception, this was hardcore stuff.

Number 5. The Hideauze are Humans – Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

You can always count on mankind to find some way to mess everything up. As a soldier for the Galactic Alliance of humankind, Ledo was raised believing that the space squids known as the Hideauze were nothing more than monsters in need of Exterminating.

But how wrong he was. After finding himself stranded on Earth, now literally become Waterworld he discovers that his alien enemies were once humans who had decided to Genetically alter themselves in the hope of escaping into space. That certainly wasn’t in the Galactic handbook.

Number 4. Congratulations Shinji – Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

Poor poor Shinji. No matter what he does, no matter how hard he tries, he always ends up getting kicked to the curb.

Contrary to the previous films ending which had us believing that Shinji had managed to save Rey by letting his Eva unit go full-on god mode. This third entry in the reboot franchise reveals that he actually messed everything up and now everyone hates his guts. Even getting fitted with an explosive collar in the process. Give this guy a break from this moment on.

Number 3. Trigger Does Maury – Kill La Kill

Starting to see a pattern here anime lovers? Nothing more than giving us as much twisted family drama as possible.

Case in point, when Main girl Ryuko discovered that she’s actually the Artificially Augmented daughter of psycho fashion diva Ragyo.And unfortunately, mummy dearest affections for her daughter’s happen to come in the form of either brainwashing or outright violence.

The fact that she proved their connection by literally tearing out Ryoko’s heart in front of her is just the icing on the cake.

Number 2. Ancient Aliens – Darling in the Franxx

We were perfectly fine with a show about adolescents dealing with puberty and sexual confusion through the medium of Co-piloting giant robots. But then you decided to throw in aliens at the last minute.

We already had one mystery to contend with as well as Apes Insidious exploits. Did we really need the likes of them to come along and shake everything up? Too many cooks spoil the broth, you know

Number 1. Guillotine Gorilla – Samurai Flamenco

This isn’t so much a twist as it is a betrayal of the animes own premise. The fact our hero was nothing more than a male model who wanted to be a Superhero due to a romantic sense of justice was oddly flattering.

Especially in its realistic portrayal of how such an idea often led to him getting wailed on by each criminal he encountered. And yet, in one scene that all goes out the window.

As flamenco finds himself taking on a giant gorilla that has a guillotine in place of a stomach. Oh, before finding out there is an evil organization out there that wants his head. It’s a little too late to be going the tokusatsu route guys



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