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[Top 10] Black Desert Mobile Tips and Tricks Guide

By Gamer Dan January 5, 2020


Looking to get into Black Desert Mobile? Here are some tips that will guide you to progress in the game smoothly!

By: Immortal MBCG

1 – Build Your Camp

Build your camp and do not take it for granted. I have made that mistake in the first month. Now I have a second chance. I want to share it with you as someone who is really lazy on just waiting on my workers to build my camp and all of the upgrades there, planting, working and doing life skills.

Always build every time you unlock another structure as fast as you can. Never take it for granted because you can craft a lot of things. You can craft stones, costumes and weapons.

2 – Always Do Dailies

Dailies give you very small rewards but when you do often everyday, it starts to add up. Always claim the daily tasks and the achievements. Always look on what you can do on these tasks.

3 – Main Quests

Do not slack on the main quests. It is very long and even if you are level 50 and higher, there will be more quests in the game. So always do this quest or go for other quests. Doing main quests gives different types of rewards such as rare stones, black pearls and contribution exp. Do main quests, prioritise it. When your workers are building on your camp, do the quests.

4 – Getting Contribution Experience

Get as much contribution experience as possible. You have to level up your contribution level so that you would be getting contribution points and you would need it in order for you to hire workers.

5 – Level Up Life Skills to 5 Quickly

Get foraging, lumbering and mining skills to level 5 ASAP. They are called life skills.Doing that would allow you to unlock different world gathering areas in your camp so that your workers would be having more areas to farm  items that you would be needing in order to upgrade your camp.

6 – Hiring Many Workers

I suggest hiring as many workers as possible quickly. The maximum right now is 25 and you could hire more workers as your camp level goes higher and your lodging level also goes higher.

7 – Use Stones Wisely

Use stones wisely and try not to enhance low level items. If you want to enhance it but it is still not that high so you take into account the consequences that could happen when the enhancement fails. Also do not forget to get all of the crystals that your refinery makes every time that it completes its production. Check it every now and then to see if your refinery has produced a lot of stones.

8 – Buy all Crystals in Your Town NPC Hourly

This is very important because there is a small chance for you to craft a gold crystal or a yellow crystal. So if you want to craft it, you have to craft more times and the only way that you could craft more is for you to have more crystals and this is the only way.

9 – Chat Costs Energy

Most people do not know that when you chat in the world chat, you expel stamina or energy. So every time you do that, it costs you energy. Unless you have a very important message to show the world or say to everyone, prevent yourself from talking on world chat.

It is better for you to talk somewhere else such as discord. Using other types of messenger to talk to your guild mates is the better choice here.

10 – Check the Market for P2W Packages

Check the market for pay to win packages. Those people who are purchasing these packages so that they could earn more silvers are always dropping in every now and then in the market.

However, it is going to be on bidding every time, so you have to click faster in order for you to catch that bidding and once you win it you will get everything. So always keep on track on the market if they have different types of packages. Prioritise:

  • Camp Plus – Makes you harvest more and accomplish more in your camp
  • Pets – you need more pets to tier up your previous ones. The higher tier of your pet, the more skills it can acquire.
  • Combat Plus – increases your weight capacity and loot

These 10 tips will help you progress a lot faster and prevent you from making the same mistakes I did.

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