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Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks – Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

By Gamer Dan March 1, 2018

Channel: Kluless

Be sure to watch the video above as all information in this guide is pulled from it. This guide is about the best 10 tips for Kim Kardashians Hollywood.

10. Start Jobs and Don’t Complete Them for Cash Fast

When you are ranked really high start every job in the queue. Just go down through your jobs and you can click on call now.

Normally there’s no fee to start a job so your best option is to start a job then go to the event and leave it. What that means is enter the event area for it to start, then leave and start another job.

You can have several jobs going at once and by doing so you can make a lot more money than by wasting your energy on one job at a time. Just make sure at some point you have a party because doing this will make you lose a lot of fans but by having a party you’ll make tons of fans so it won’t be an issue

9. Get Free Stars from Offers

One of the best tips I can give for this game is getting free stars from offers. In the game, there are several offers you can do that give you completely free stars by completing them.

Some are downloading other mobile games and playing them to a certain level. Others are just watching trailers to the very end.

But each one gives different amounts of stars and you actually get them. So putting in a little bit of time to get these free stars is definitely worth it.

8. Buy the L.A Gym and all the Equipment in it

Number 8 is buying the L.A Gym as soon as you can. It’s a big bonus for you because of how effective it can be for your energy.

When you buy it, you get a good event so that’s a nice plus. But the main reason is to get all the equipment you can that way you can go in and tap the weight icons.

Essentially what this does is give you energy every 4 hours. So you can keep coming to the gym every 4 hours to get extra energy whenever you need to and that really starts to add up over time.

So definitely put in the time to get the gym. It costs around 55 stars so it’s a little pricey but it’s worth it in the long run.

7. Buy Chevier In Paris

This one is very simple but may take some time to do. You need to buy Chevier in Paris because of how beneficial it is to your game.

It costs a boatload to buy and furnish it completely so you will be spending a lot of stars on it. But you will be given some really good events for it and as you complete everything it will really help your cash flow.

In the long run, it’s probably the best move you can make in this game. It will take some time to do everything but the effort is worth the reward.

6. Parties = Fans

A big thing you want to do often is to throw parties so you can get more fans. The best place to do this is in Calabasas.

By throwing a party, even if it’s just a 3-hour party, you can put several different people in different parts of your party location. Then from there all you wanna do is collect everything you can in the party and just wait it out until it’s done.

Parties are a big function for your overall success in the game. The more fans you have the better so you wanna make sure you throw a party every now and then to benefit from it.

5. Buy Pets

Buy as many houses and pads as you can. That is this tip and it is very simple to follow and really helpful because of what you can get.

When you have a lot of houses you can fill them up with furnishing and go around clicking all the little prompts to get energy. But the real gold mines are putting pets in your home.

Going to each of the houses you own and putting a pet in them is a great idea. Pets give you energy as well so you can go to all your houses and collect energy from your pets.

This is a great method of collecting energy and always keeping it from being completely empty. The pets are the best way to do this so make sure you have as many as you can.

4. Buy the Private Plane

This one is simply to save you money in the long run and that’s buying the private plane. It costs to travel anywhere in the game but with the plane, you can go anywhere for free.

The issue is buying the plane itself is really expensive. So at first, it’s going to cost you a whole lot to get but it’ll pay off for how often you’ll be traveling and not having to pay everytime you do it.

Especially if you follow some of the other tips on this list you’ll have some ways to boost your cash flow and stars and make it a little easier for you.

3. Go on Dates at Oak

When you’re wanting to focus on your dating life and level it up the best place to do this is at the Oak. It is the fastest place in the game to level up your dating.

If you end up having to pick up the tab it is worth it even if it’s like $650. Spend that money and you’ll get real benefits from dating at the Oak.

It will very quickly move you through your relationship and get your further along in half the time compared to any other location in the game.

2. Buy the Calabasas House

Mentioned before in the parties tip, you want to buy the Calabasas home. It is one of the biggest homes you can, it has pets, and you can fit the most people in it.

It’s the best house to use for parties and especially on events like party weekends. You can blow through a party weekend with 8-hour parties in Calabasas and really rack up your fans this way.

1. Buy the Car

The number one and most important tip in this game is buying yourself a car as soon as you can. There is a lot of traveling you have to do in this game and each city costs to go to it.

By having a car it makes this a lot easier and it’s almost essential to get anywhere in the game. So put your focus into getting yourself a car as early as possible.

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