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Top 10 Best Survival Games (Android / iOS) 2017

By Gamer Dan March 3, 2018

By: GoPlay

There are dozens of survival games being released on iOS and Android so many that they can all start to blend together and be the same. The video above shows the top 10 best ones on the market and we’re going to go over why they are.

10. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a survival game that takes place in an apocalyptic world full of zombies and other survivors. Your goal is to gather materials, weapons, and other helpful items to make it easier for you to survive the world.

You start off with nothing and have to scrounge up anything you can from the get-go. It can be difficult cause sometimes other players will come upon you and kill you then take your stuff and you’re back at square one.

The game is a great mobile experience for the genre and surprisingly engaging. It’s definitely one of the better of the genre out there on the market.

9. Durango

Durango is a survival game that takes place on an island populated entirely by dinosaurs. You start off on a train where you select your character then fight through it as it derails and gets boarded by dinosaurs.

Once on the island, you need you gather materials from both the dinosaurs and your surroundings. It’s very similar to Last Day on Earth just with dinosaurs instead of zombies.

Which honestly is a nice little change from the over-saturation of zombie games out there.

8. Lost Survivor

Lost Survivor starts you off waking up on an island in the middle of the sea. There your goal is to find equipment, items, and other materials to help you survive.

The game uses a turn-based combat system which is unique to this genre of game. But it offers a different take on it and it’s really fun.

The RPG aspect of the game makes it stand out compared to some other survival based games. And the art style is great too, very charming and cartoony.

7. Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a great game with a very Tim Burton style of art to it. Graphically it looks amazing but its gameplay is just as good.

Your whole goal is to walk around the map to gather materials and build things to help you survive. The concept is the same as any other survival game but the visuals are what really make this game stand out.

6. Survivalcraft 2

This is pretty much just a version of Minecraft with two slight changes. It exists in the same blocky kind of world with the craft and builds mechanic.

It runs well on mobile devices and looks pretty good too. It’s really a game for anyone who enjoys Minecraft but wants a little bit of difference thrown into it. Though that difference is not very significant.

5. Mine Survival

Mine Survival is in the same vein as Don’t Starve where you walk around the map in a top-down view sort of way to gather materials to help you survive. It’s like a mixture of Don’t Starve and Survivalcraft 2.

It’s very focused on building structures to help you stay safe from the monsters in the area. You can build full on equipped bases to live in and use through the game.

The art style is very charming as well. It’s got a blocky cartoonish look to it with a great color palette.

4. Oceanborn: Survival on Raft

Now this one is an interesting entry in the genre. It’s a survival game at its core but the entire game is played out on the ocean.

You’re only means of survival is the raft that you start on. You can fish and pull things from the ocean and use them to build your raft more.

What’s really cool is how in-depth you can get with crafting your raft. You can make it huge to the point of just having a floating wooden house on the ocean and it gives a unique feel to the genre.

3. Radiation Island

Radiation Island is a very realistic style survival game that plays like a 3rd person action game. You’re on an island full of mutants trying to kill you.

You have to survive by killing animals for food, finding things to use for shelter and make weapons, and generally fighting the mutants to survive. It’s the gameplay aspect that sets this one apart because of it’s real-time action.

You really have to pay attention and stay on your toes to survive in this game. It’s definitely one worth checking out.

2. Final Fortress

Now, this is an interesting one. Final Fortress really stands out because it is absolutely nothing like any other survival game out there.

Your goal is to build up defenses in your place to keep hordes of zombies from overrunning it. You do this through room management where you have different floors you have to protect.

It’s a really unique take on the genre to the point it almost feels like a tower defense game. It’s worth a shot for anyone who’s looking for something a little different.

1. Pixel Survival Game 3

Number 1 is Pixel Survival Game 3. A game that is basically Minecraft mixed with Stardew Valley(vaguely). It’s a top-down game where you travel to collect materials to build any and everything.

You can build your own structures up to the point of having massive farms, fighting monsters, doing dungeon raids and boss fights. But what really makes this game great is being able to go into other players areas to see what they’ve built and play together.

There is even a PvP aspect of it that’s really fun and engaging. And the art style of the game just makes it enjoyable to look at.

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