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Mobile Legends Bang Bang Guide for Beginners (How to Become a Good Player)

By Triple C June 5, 2018

Welcome to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang guide. I am here to support you in being better in the game! If you want to up your game, climb higher ranks and being a better player in general, you are in the right place.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game which consists of 5 player in each team (5v5). The most important thing in a MOBA game is being a team. Take advantage of what you have and make it into your way.

My name is TripleC, I’ve been playing MOBAs all my life. I will be covering quite a lot of tips and tricks that will help improve your gameplay. There are so many people out there that are having troubles in being a better player. It doesn’t mean that they are bad, they just need guidance and game knowledge.

1. Game Sense/Knowledge over Player’s Mechanics/ Macro over Micro

I will be explaining this first because there are so many people that doesn’t understand how important it is to know “what to do” in certain situations. It doesn’t matter how good you are with “X” hero if you don’t know how to win a game. Research on YouTube and try understanding the game,roles and meta.

So if you are having trouble climbing ranks or winning games, a player’s mechanic is not where you should focus on. There are so many different scenarios and maybe you could’ve done better in some of them by doing something differently. Every time you have entered the respawn timer or lost the game, you should think what did you do wrong and fix the mistakes.

You can be one of the best *hardest hero to play* player but it doesn’t mean you are one of the best player in general. So if you really want to be a better player and win more games, keep in mind that your biggest problem is your game knowledge and understanding of the game.


2. Understanding Each Hero

Watch some gameplays or test each hero out in the game. Understand how their abilities works, damage, utilities, objectives, etc. It is very important because with that knowledge, you can predict what’s your opponent next move so you can counter them.

It is part of the game knowledge. By knowing how much damage the enemy hero can do, you can decide and predict if you are going to win that fight. It’s never a good thing to run into a fight blindly.


3. Learn And Analyse Every Item

Take your time and read the items’ stats & passives. Learn each heroes’ core item and item powerspike. It will help you understand more about the game and “why does this hero buy that item”.

What is item powerspike?

-A leap of strength after acquiring “X” item or items.

4. Team Composition and Understanding the Meta

Every new patch or update, there will be buff and nerf to some heroes and there will always be the “top tier” heroes at some point. Find out which hero on each role are the strongest, learn to play and pick accordingly based on what your team needs.

5. Adjust Your Role and Fill

If someone else has stolen your main role, that’s fine. You will have opportunity to learn every other role. It’s better to have a balanced team than having three marksmen in the same team. If your “carry” role has been taken, it doesn’t mean that you can’t carry your team with any other role.

People tend to make mistakes and think that the “carry” role is the only role that could carry. Any other role such as tank or even a support can carry a game if you played well. Again, this is a team game, you are going to need to trust your team or at least try to.

6. Positive Thinking and Admitting Your Mistake

One of the biggest issues in MOBA games in general is toxicity. It’s normal that people usually blame their team instead of admitting their mistakes. It’s fine to lose a game or being in a lose streak.

Every single player has that moment, including the best players in the game.Take a break, relax and try again some other time. Everyone make mistakes, you have to learn from your mistakes to improve but not blaming on the others.

You won’t learn anything by being in denial.

7. It’s Not Just Your Team… It’s Probably You.

Sometimes people complain about how unlucky they are teaming up with bad players as if it’s the only reason why they are stuck in low rank. Unfortunately for you, it doesn’t work that way. If you are in a certain rank in the lower tier, you played a lot of games and you stayed there for a long time, that probably means you belong in there.

Think about “what I could’ve done better” instead of thinking how bad your team is. I know that the mentality of “My team is so bad, I can’t carry”, it happens to most of us. Every time something goes wrong, think of every single small mistakes you have made.

Instead of blaming your team and being toxic, try to “blame yourself” and be self-critical. Learn every time when you mess up.

8. Don’t Just Play One Single Role

To be a good player, you’ve got to know and predict what the enemy does. In order to that, you need to play different role and learn their playstyle. With the mindset, you can predict their next move and counterplay accordingly.

I completely understand if you love playing X role and wants to main that role. Focus on one role but also learn to play every other role. Having knowledge of every role is a huge boost to your game sense.

9. Remain Aware (Map Awareness)

Treat your mini-map like you would to your car’s mirrors, check it every few seconds with a glance. Learn your enemies’ portrait or avatar, know who is on the enemy team and which one has crowd controls. Remember that not every member in your team will remember to call out that their lane opponents has gone missing.

It can keep you in the lane alive from getting ganked by the enemy team. So make sure that you keep your map awareness high and if you realise that one of your allies lane’s is missing an enemy and they haven’t called it, call it for them. It may save your team’s life.

10. Help and Work with Your Teammates

The team is always stronger together than it is apart especially once end-game hits and having one out-of-place team member can make the difference between losing the fight and winning it. If you’re a tank or a support,you want to be shadowing your team’s most dangerous member at all times so that you can keep them alive as long as possible. If you’re a jungler, remember to give up on killing the jungle camps to support your allies in lane when they need aid.

Don’t be selfish and help your teammates. Stop farming and be a leader for your team. Play as a team, not as a solo carry.

Use the quick chat and signals to communicate with your team. They are useful commands to rally your team. Don’t neglect it!

11. Know when to Initiate and when to Play Safe

Don’t dive in or blindly into any situation without analyzing the situation. If you are planning to initiate on an enemy hero, remember to check the map first and make sure that you and your team are safe to do so. Playing a MOBA game is all about being a strategist.

Also be wary of playing too defensively. If you don’t attack you’ll never take objectives.Taking objectives is key to victory.

12. Objectives are Key to Victory

If you are behind and the enemy team is winning every teamfight, you don’t have to fight them. Just stall or split push, farm, know when and where to rotate. If you force a teamfight when your team is behind, that is suicide and usually ends up losing the game.

If you had the choice to choose between catching an enemy off-guard and give up objective or taking the objective. It’s a no brainer, you should always take the objective. With every objective you have taken, that is a step closer to victory.

13. Don’t Flame or Troll

When things doesn’t goes by your way, try not to get too emotional. There are so many game losses because of teammates arguing, flaming, trolling or intentionally feeding just to prove a point. Finger crossed, if there are such players in your team, you are very unlucky then.

You may get upset and frustrated at your teammates for making bad decisions. Flaming or cussing at them won’t do you or your team any good. It doesn’t contribute to you winning more games.

There is nothing you can do about it, mute them, ignore them and play your game. You might even have a chance winning the game, I have won a lot of games with players just like that. You have to be patient, don’t entertain them and play the best you can.

It’s inevitable. It happens in every single team game, especially MOBAs. Take a break and rest if you need it, don’t force yourself to play more games if you are already tilted.

14. Boost the Morale of the Team

Whenever they did something well, praise them! A simple “Good Job!” or “Nice!” would help them be more confident and focused to winning the game. They would make better decisions and play better knowing that you have their back. Your odds of winning the game might increase as well.

Even if they don’t do well and making bad decisions, tell them “It’s Okay”. Be a leader, guide them and help them.

15. Have Fun!

Focus more on having fun and not to be too outcome dependent on whether you win or lose. Try to enjoy every games you played whether it’s a good or bad game. Make some friends, play together and learn from the better player.

Queuing games with friends will increase your chance of winning as well because your team will advantage over the enemies by communicating with each other and rotate/gank correspondingly.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

-Look for the top players in the ranking and research what hero do they usually play, what’s in the meta and what’s their item build. There is no shame in copying someone’s build. You can watch some streamers/youtubers and learn from them as well.

-Do your dailies and events! Get your medal chest and free chest everyday, you are going to need the resources to improve your gameplay! Don’t forget to check out the event tab everyday for new events.

-Level up your emblems base on what role you are focusing on. The emblems are quite important, it affects the gameplay especially in the early game.

-You can buy the Lucky Standard Emblem Chest weekly or Lucky Emblem Pack if you have extra tickets laying around. I wouldn’t recommend buying too much heroes with your gold. Try to get at least Lv.40 emblem on your favorite role.


-Join an active squad! Make new friends, play with them and have fun. You might pick up some knowledge by playing with different people.

-Watch some gameplays and tips from Youtubers, this is a good video to begin with.

-Configure your settings in-game. Try different setting or option and pick the one that suits you the best. Personally, I prefer “Minion and Tower” beside my attack button because it’s very important to control your hero for either attacking hero, minion or tower.

I hope that you enjoyed reading the guide! I’m sure that you will be a better player, maybe even better than me! Whenever you entered a game, remember what you have read here and try to do things differently. I’m sure you will climb to your desired rank in no time if you don’t give up! Thank you for reading and see you next time!

About Triple C

Hi, I'm Triple C! I've been playing MOBAs all my life and many different games. My dream is to build a career as an author for the gaming community.

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Attractive portion of content. I simply stumbled upon your site and in accession capital to say that I acquire in fact loved account your blog posts. Anyway I'll be subscribing for your augment or even I fulfillment you access persistently fast.|

Triple C reply

Thank you very much, it means a lot to me! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much, it means a lot to me! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!
Attractive portion of content. I simply stumbled upon your site and in accession capital to say that I acquire in fact loved account your blog posts. Anyway I'll be subscribing for your augment or even I fulfillment you access persistently fast.|