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10 Fun Mobile Games Like Fortnite (iOS / Android)

By Gamer Dan April 19, 2018

Fortnite is lots of fun, and for its most devoted fans, there is no other mobile game that can take its place. However, after thoroughly enjoying this engaging and immersive game, many players wonder whether there are games out there than can offer a similar playing experience. And so, here are are mobile games that are just like Fortnite.

1. Rules of Survival

This amazing multiplayer games can pitch you against 300 other players! So, as far as sheer playing fun goes, it is a worthy substitute to Fortnite; which is a sleek and graphically-enhanced game with a strong cult following.

Rules of Survival does not hold anything back, despite working with the limited real estate that a mobile gaming platform offers. You will have a broad selection of weapons, and the performance you will get is nothing short of exemplary.

Without a doubt, Rules of Survival is clearly one of the best ways you can experience the battle royale experience that has made Fotnite so appealing to many.

2. FortCraft

If you want a Fortnite-like game that’s not Fortnite, then FortCraft is probably your best bet. If the names sound a little similar, it is because this game draws its “inspiration” from Fortnite.

But originality issues aside, the game has impressive graphics, a brisk and captivating gaming experience, and all the great features that have made Fortnite such a delight among mobile gamers.

Otherwise, this game is very similar in style to Fortnite, and that makes it worth serious consideration if you need a decent Fortnite alternative.

3. Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Suicide Squad was exciting to watch, and that entertaining experience is not lost in the game version of the film. For this reason, Suicide Squad should be a great Fortnite substitute.

In this game, you will have to take on missions as a leader of a special task force consisting of dangerous super villains with very unique skills.

The characters that brought the film to life are present in this game, including Deadshot and his rifle and Diablo with the fire and Harley Quinn with her baseball bat. You can slip into any of these characters and fight against tough criminals the system is not equipped to handle.

All this fun gaming experience, and the brilliant challenges make Suicide Squad: Special Ops a fitting substitute to Fortnite.

4. Minecraft

This game is widely popular for its unique playing experience. If you love the excitement of taking on adventures as is typically the case with Fortnite, then this game might be a worthy substitute.

Minecraft is available on Android, iOS, and even Windows phones; and if offers a mix of exploration and rousing combat fun. Like Fortnite, it supports both a single-player and multiplayer gaming experience.

5. PUBG Mobile

Like Fortnite, PUGB has a towering reputation in the gaming world, especially in the PC and console gaming worlds. But this mobile version is still a decent alternative to the PC and console versions, and a worthy alternative to the similarly popular Fortnite battle game.

This makes this game a perfect option for you if you need a game that is a lot like Fortnite – it offers a similar gaming experience through its captivating graphic rendering and exciting and engaging challenges and quests.

6. Battle Game Royale

Created by SZ Interative for mobile gaming, this game offers all the gaming features that have give Fortnite a cult status in the gaming world. Battle Game Royale comes with third-person shooter, multiplayer action, and loads of action and adventure.

You will get a very diverse choice of characters as well. All this will make the game more exciting as you get yourself into many challenging battle situations where you will fight against formidable foes and overcome incredible physical challenges in a tropical island to stay in the game.

7. Knives Out

Made by the guys who created Rules of Survival, this game is just as good an alternative to Fortnite. The battle royale game takes a slightly different approach, but the salient features that makes Fortnite such a fan favorite are still evident in this game.

In this game, you are put against 99 other players, and only the best will make it out. This makes for a very rousing pressure-cooker fighting environment that will keep you hooked until the game is done, or you are.

The graphics are captivating, and the storyline quite layered. Therefore, the fun, the action, and the adventure never cease until the very end.

8. Radiation Island

If you are keen on playing a game as similar to Fortnite as possible; then Radiation Island is one of the best options you have. This amazing battle royale game is quite immersive, and its battle campaigns will leave you excited about your next session.

The game is set in a deserted island, where you will need skills and the scarce resources available to stay alive. You will also need to fight for your chance to survive, which is all quite exhilarating.

You will even get a chance to understand the weapons and the controls before facing off against other players in an exciting battle. You can have guns, shelters, and even make your own for an even more fulfilling gaming adventure.

9. The Sandbox

Few games offer as broad a playing experience as The Sandbox; no wonder it is considered a good Fortnite alternative. In this game, you will be carried off to a world where you will explore a world with a selection of 230 elements.

The game is also incredibly engaging, as it lets you craft your own items. Otherwise, if you loved the exploration aspect of Fortnite, then you will have a lot of fun playing this layered game with its simple and exciting graphics.

10. Block City Wars

This action-packed game, full of action and adventure, is a good alternative to Fortnite. It supports both single-player and multiplayer gaming configurations.

The game is set in a block-based universe; and players in this game go on quests where they face a wide variety of adversaries and challenges in order to advance to the next level.

Block City Wars is available to both Android and iOS users, and it also lets you customize the characters to your liking. While not exactly an equivalent to Fortnite, it will give you a playing experience reminiscent of what Fortnite has to offer.

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