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[Grand Chase – Dimensional Chaser] Beginner’s Guide

By Triple C January 8, 2019


Grand Chase – Dimensional Chaser (GCDC) is a Real time Strategy Action RPG mobile game. GCDC is free to play, however there are some game items that can be purchased via real money. Unlike any other “Gacha” games, GCDC is very F2P-friendly and you will find out why shortly.



The controls in the game are very simple but yet there will be hard challenge for you to face such as Raids and Dimensional Chasm.

You can control up to 4 heroes in the game and you can swap them depending on the team compositions. To control your heroes, simply just tap the desired location and your heroes will fight their way through. To ignore monsters that are blocking the path, tap and drag any direction to position your heroes.

There are five different type of classes in the game which are the Assault Type-Assault, Tank Type-Tank, Ranger Type-Ranged, Mage Type-Mage and Support Type-Support. The Grand Chase members are ranked Rank-SS while the rest being Rank-SRank-A and  Rank-B. SR tier characters are the best ones to obtain.They are obtainable through “Gacha” summon, ticket draws and events while the lower-tiers are rewarded in regular missions and chest draws.

Now that we have understand more about the game, let’s move on to the actual beginner’s guide.


Starting the Game

In order to make your life easier in GCDC, it is always recommended to start the game with at least one SR. It helps a lot in clearing the Adventure mode in the early game. It is not necessary because you will eventually get a lot of SRs just by playing the game but it is a one-time thing and easy to re-roll, so why not?

For example, I started the game with LassRank-SS and I am able to clear up to Hatred 7-9 in a few days to obtain the SR Select Ticket for beginners.

How to Re-Roll?

  1. Open the game, choose your server and name.
  2. Skip every cutscenes, cinematics and tutorials.
  3. Claim all mail in your inbox.
  4. Go to shop, then summon.
  5. Use Premium Hero Summon 10+1, if you did not obtain your desired SR, then move on to Step 6.
  6. Access Settings on the top right of the screen.
  7. Delete Account.
  8. Repeat from Step 1.

Which SR should I begin with?

  • Lass (Probably the best to start from scratch, still one of the best SR in the game)
  • Ley
  • Any SR that you like.


Useful S-Ranked Heroes for Each Class

OliviavOlivia (Assault) – Very strong passive and ultimate. Good buffer for your team and also a decent damage dealer. Olivia outshines some SR in certain content. Recommend to build her up and fully awaken her. She will be a very strong and reliable teammate for most team compositions.


SagevSage (Healer) – A burst healer, provides SP regeneration and also known as a “SP Battery”. Thanks to her passive, she provides a lot of SP for your team. Best S tier healer in PvE. Amy is the SR version of Sage.


PoseidonvPoseidon (Tank) – Can be used as a decent tank in the early game, especially when progressing in Adventure mode or until you have a good SR tank. Has shield and invulnerability.

RaselvRas El (Mage) – Extremely powerful in AoE and has summon to tank. Weak in single target. Ras El is not really necessary especially if you have a strong SR damage dealer such as Ley, which is a better version of Ras El.


CharonvCharon (Ranger) – Best single target for S tiers. Strong against Dimensional Bosses. Bad at clearing waves. The only reason you would want to build Charon is when you have trouble with certain content that requires single target damage.



Obtaining S Ranked Heroes

Do not worry about trying to get S Ranked Heroes from summons. You will get plenty of them just by playing the game such as completing adventure mode, quests or events.



With the same unawakened 6 star +12 S or SR heroes, you can awaken your heroes. You cannot use duplicate heroes in the same team in the game so there are no reason to have multiple duplicate of each hero.

Splendid Shiny is an awakening fodder for S ranked heroes and Radiant Shiny for SR ranked heroes.

By using Transfusion, you can transfuse fully-awakened S ranked heroes to a Radiant Shiny. Splendid Shiny can be obtained from challenges, events, etc.


First of all, you will lose a lot of base stats until you awaken 2-3 times again, but this time you require Radiant Shiny or another SR version of the same hero.

Second, the resources spent for awakening will never be worth it in this case. Keep your S ranked heroes at fully awakened S until you do not need them, then you can transfuse them to feed your SRs.


Farming Pranas for Premium Hero Summon Tickets

Here is the reason why this game is very F2P-Friendly, you can purchase many Premium Hero Summon Tickets without paying a single dime by using the Fusion system.

There are different type of fusion method but this is what I recommend for starters and newbies.

Five Star A ranked +9 x2

You can use your unwanted Evostones to evolve your A heroes into 5* then +9 them. Only fuse them when it is Hot Time because it increases the chance of getting S ranked heroes. The result will be either six star A or S.

Sell the six star A’s during Friday to have a small chance of getting double Pranas. Keep the six star S’s for awakening or sell them if you insist. If you need your Evostones for awakening or for your SRs, feel free to prioritize first.


There are no limit in purchasing the Premium Hero Summon Ticket via prana. Purchase as much as you can, it will never be enough. Thus, the other offers in the Prana Shop are not worth it.


Obtaining SR Heroes

Summon Mileage

Just in case if you are super unlucky, there is a mileage for using Premium Hero Summon Ticket. Once you have summon 200 times, you are eligible to claim the SR Select Ticket. You can select any SR that you desire upon release.

You can also save your summon mileage at 199/200 till your desired hero has been released to obtain him/her easily.


Guild Points

You can purchase a SR Hero Summon Ticket for 30,000 guild points. Join an active guild as soon as possible and join guild wars to obtain guild points. Staying active on Dimensional Bosses will give you reasonable amount of guild poitns as well.


Premium Hero Summon Tickets and Banners

Save your Premium Hero Summon Tickets for special summon. The entire SR pool from that special summon will only obtain the featured SR hero. If you are F2P, try to obtain multiple heroes instead of getting duplicate just for awaken to widen your team composition.


Events and Login

Always check the events everyday and do not forget to check in for daily logins. There will be a SR Summon Ticket awaiting at the 28th day of login.

Occasionally, there will be events that giveaway free SR tickets or just by doing some simple tasks.


Completing 7-9 Hatred in World 1 Adventure Mode

For the first time that you have completed 7-9 Hatred in World 1, you can claim your free SR select ticket in the event. You can only select Lass, Ryan, Ronan, Sieghart, Mari, Arme or Rufus from the ticket.


How to Spend Gems

First of all, NEVER purchase summon by using gems. Huge loss and the result will always be disappointing. Sometimes it can be very tempting especially after you have gotten nothing from your premium tickets, but always be patient and hold back.


Unlocking Expedition Slots

The sooner you unlock them, the more resources you get. You can get millions of gold weekly just from expeditions and you are going to need them. Prioritize this first.


Expedition Double Buff (7 Days)

Gold will always be an issue no matter how far are you in the game. You are going to need a lot of gold and expedition is one of the main source of your gold.

Exclusive Weapon Select Ticket

You can purchase the Exclusive Weapon Select Ticket for 1,700 gems for your SR heroes. It can be pricey. You can purchase up to 4 times monthly.


Unlocking Skill Research Slots

Prioritize this and unlocking expeditions. Acceleration, Stimulation and Resurrect are all very useful skills. Max Resurrect first and the rest accordingly. Also, do not forget about the party passive skills.


Beginner’s Team Line Up

I would only recommend these line up in early game only such as clearing adventure mode, Siege of Teroka raid and low level Dimensional Bosses.

Adventure Mode and Siege of Teroka Team

  • Damage Dealer (Lass, Ley, Rufus, Arme, Mari, etc.)
  • Tank (Ronan, Ryan, Jin or Poseidon)
  • Healer (Amy or Sage)
  • Buffer or Second Damage Dealer (Olivia)
  • Acceleration/Stimulation and Resurrect

Dimensional Bosses Team

You do not need a tank in Dimensional Bosses especially if you have another damage dealer. Jin does not count as a “tank” because he could deal as much as any damage dealer.

  • Three strong damage dealer, preferably strong single target (Ley, Lire, Lass, Olivia, Charon, etc.)
  • Healer with SP regeneration (Amy or Sage)
  • Acceleration and Stimulation


Request Missions

By completing the request missions, you will obtain generous amount of rewards such as Evostones, Gold, Monster Cards and Blessings of Valor. You can select your reward upon completing the mission, so pick whatever you need based on your progression.

You can increase the Mission Rank by clearing full stars in adventure mode of each stage. When the Mission Rank has been increased, you will receive more rewards from completing the request missions and daily reward from board missions.

However, there is a cooldown timer on adding another request and they can stack up to 48 times.

Every single request mission gives coin on completion. You can spend the coins in the Coin Shop. You can purchase S Rank 4 Star Hero Select Ticket for awakenings and making fodders for your SRs. Otherwise, 3* Monster Card is just as good if you have many heroes waiting for food.


Dimensional Bosses

You can obtain Evostones, Guild Points, Accessories, Equipments and Gold from the Dimensional Bosses. You can summon up to 5 times a day to obtain Evostones. Dimensional Boss Cards can be found from completing expeditions.

The amount of gold obtain in each Dimensional Boss that you participate will be based on the total damage that you have dealt to the bosses within the time limit. Once you have dealt X amount of damage to the bosses, you can receive a random accessory reward.

The total amount of rewards will be scale from your account level. The higher of your account level, the better rewards you will obtain.


PvP Attack and Defense

To be honest, PvP can be boring and predictable but it also give huge amount of reward such as Gold, Honor, Weekly Gems and Evostones. The total amount of reward you can obtain will be scale from your current rank.

Your PvP defense team can be setup in the party menu. Also, you can spend your honor points in the Honor Shop.

The only item that I would recommend to purchase with your honor points is the Rank 4 Accessory Select Ticket. The Rank 5 Summon Ticket is way too pricey and unpredictable, you may get some useless accessory with bad stats. Rank 4 Accessories will be good enough for you till to the very late game.



Grand Chase – Dimensional Chaser (GCDC) requires a lot of patience and time. After all, it is still a “Gacha” game. You may be really lucky in some days, or really unlucky most of the time.

Keep in mind that GCDC has a lot of generous events and content for you to obtain your favorite SRs, which make this game really F2P-friendly. Take a break if you need to, this is a marathon but not a sprint.

I have been playing for a month and I am very satisfied with my progression and I have not paid a single dime yet. I hope you had fun reading and good luck with your summons!

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