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6 Fun Mobile Endless Runner Games Worth Playing

By Gamer Dan January 21, 2018

Experience the adrenaline rush with 6 Fun Mobile Endless Runner Games Worth Playing. The games are action-packed, fun-filled and will leave you glued to your screen for hours. The quick play and simple control make endless runner games preferred choice for many. Here are the best endless runner games.

Minion Rush

Minor rush is action-packed and definitely worth playing. You can race and run as fast as possible with the minions while rolling, dodging, jumping and knocking minions off the race track in the fan-favorite, award-winning minor rush.

And there is more! Collect as many bananas as possible as you rush as well as taking on thrill-packed missions with an aim of gaining more scores. The game is fun-filled with every yard earned as you get the best treats of unexpected minion moments.

The goal of the game is to run the furthest as you gain more scores from the number of bananas you collect. You can unlock your new appearance with bananas that you have collected in the race.

The catch is in the personalization of the minions as you can choose to race as Jerry, Carl, or Dave with all disguise imaginable. Even better, you get bonus scores by riding GRUS rockets or fluffy unicorn through iconic locations with inspiration drawn from Despicable Me Movies.

Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is fun filled and action packed game where you get to dance with danger as you flee police. The setting is what gives the game a distinctive touch as your adrenaline gets to shoot up as you flee the duty-bound police in the most dangerous and ruined train station with trains charging at full speed. Being ran over is the real danger here.

Controlling your character in the subway surfers is even more interesting and easier as you get to swipe your finger right across the screen to shift the character between the three subway lanes. You can push your imagination to tap into the limitless tricks of fleeing the police and evading danger by either dodging, rolling or jumping over the obstacles. You can take the chase to the next level as you can grab skateboards or jetpacks so as to gain more speed in the unending race.

The graphics in the game are striking, or even better dramatic with character texture and model being a rear treat. Your reward comes in doubles, first with coins to buy more upgrades as you complete more mission, and seconded with great user experience. The game is simply the best and is worth playing.

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

You can play as the legendary Hedgehog, Amy, Tails, Sticks, or Knuckles in the stunning sequel to Sonic Dash that features the cast of amazing TV series, dubbed SONIC BOOM. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom allows you change characters mid-race not only for their special powers such as Amy’s powerful ring hammer, Knuckle’s slam, or Sonics Dash amazing ring magnet but also to earn more points.

The most interesting thing about this game is the swing and tilt gameplay that embodies the supercharged Enerbeam. As a result, you get to tilt the device so as to effectively guide the runner to the orbs and rings. Once you master the tilt gameplay you simply can’t get enough of it. This way you get to concur the new challenges, overcome the badniks and obstacles in exciting ways and earn the various special prizes.
Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom has wonderful graphics that facilitate awesome fluidly movements as the characters evolve, collect, and dash with marvelous magical sprites.

Mars: Mars

This an arcade exploration adventure-based game that is purely golden in its amazing simplicity. Mars: Mars is for the curious in mind and the bold in character as it allows you to explore Mars as an astronaut, the red planet that draws more interest from humans than any other planet.

Tap the side of your device screen to instantaneously launch by firing your suit’s jet. Once launched you can advance taking flights and evading obstacles from one platform to the next. As you fly encountering many hardships and challenges you will be able to play with as many characters as possible that change the looks of the world. It’s a game that requires you to keep a watchful eye on the fuel bar as well as avoiding hard landings and crashes.

Mars: Mars has great graphics, accessible controls, and soundtracks that are engaging. The rough terrains add the excitement to the game, and if your demise comes sooner than expected you still earn credit for upgrades and new unlockables. The best part is that the game is free except for some-in app cost and purchases.

Jetpack Joyride

Test your survival skills with a strap on bullet-powered jetpacks by dodging missiles, electric fields, and lasers that come your way as you play Barry Steakfries. Jetpack Joyride comes with the most advanced jetpacks in the gaming history and as you advance you get a boost from Profit Bird, Lil stomper, and if luck comes your way you will get more boost from Strong Arm Machine and Crazy Freaking Teleporter.

As you complete the seemingly impossible missions you get to boost your ranks, equip super high-tech power-ups and gadgets, and storm the science lab with crazy vehicles and in giant mechs. Better yet, Jetpack

Joyride allows you to collect coins as well as boatloads rewards in form of money as you advance. Other than testing your reflexes with the state-of-the-art one-touch controls, Jetpack Joyride has excellent graphics that offers great gaming experience.

Into the Dead

In the world where dead are rising and no second chance, insights you to have to survive by whatever means necessary. Into the Dead, speed is of essence as you have to run since your life literally depends on it. The zombie apocalypse engages in evolving story involving hundreds of terrifying challenges, across 60 stages, in the astonishing seven action-packed, fun-filled chapters.

Running is the first survival instinct, but face with the dead in the eye, you need more. Into the Dead allows you to access and unlock lethal weapons that include explosives, firearms, and melee weapons. The game gets even more interesting as it provides a varied gameplay where you can slay the zombie from the top, stab, or fire out of a military gun emplacement.

You can control into the dead using device accelerometer. When you tilt your device the character moves in the opposite direction and vice versa. Touch the screen when you need to fire weapons. The objective of the game is to avoid the zombies from touching you, and as such you need all your survival skills.

Into the dead has addictive and an impressive visual style with the setting creating an endless feeling of despair with dead lurking closely behind you.

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