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5 Fun Mobile Card Games Like Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

By Gamer Dan January 30, 2018

Card games are more than just mind-boggling. They give players ultimate entertainment. With lots of advanced devices around us, you don’t have to walk everywhere with decks of cards. Your mobile phone is enough to give you everything. In fact, it enables you to play anywhere and anytime. Here are five fun mobile card games that you will fall in love with.

1. Shadowverse

Shadowverse is ranked among the top Japanese card games. It has managed to win the hearts of most gamers worldwide due to its multiple unique features. The card game offers millions of battles, meaning that players have plenty of options on their hands. It is also friendly to new users.

As a new player, you can easily induct yourself into the game through a single player story mode. This will help you to practice for the upcoming battles where you will be squaring it out with other players. New players have a rare opportunity to enjoy the amazing bonuses that the game offers.

Shadowverse features a well-balanced battle system and is one of the card games that have the fewest number of RGN. Periodical adjustments are made on a monthly basis. New cards are also released after every three months, giving players opportunities to build new tactics and strategies. The game also features powerful graphics, sound, and animations.

We cannot underestimate the fantastic community that is based on the game. Shadowverse boasts of having more than 14 million players and has a well-established system that caters to the affairs of all players. There is also a ton of online resources that players can use, especially when they get stuck.

2. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is another card game that is not only fun but also easy to play. It is also welcoming to new players, thanks to its less complicated rules. It is possible to start enjoying the gameplay right after registering due to simplistic nature. A rich collection of informative content also makes it admirable both to the newbie and experienced card players.

Hearthstone is also optimized to give players full access to all its features and games. Its cards are relatively smaller, meaning that you will spend less time thinking about the right cards to use. It is also easier to get vital information that you may need to play the game. The cards themselves give you adequate data that you require.

The graphics and animations of Hearthstone bring the real feeling of the physical card game on your screen. The matches are usually accompanied by high-quality sounds and other video effects. It is one card game that you will enjoy every moment playing.

Each class in the game tends to mimic a specific character that it is supposed to represent. For instance, the warriors are extremely aggressive and can’t be put down easily. On the other hand, mages will stick by you till their spells become active during the dying moments of the game. Although Druids can be faster, they can also be played slowly due to their manipulative character.

In Hearthstone, matches also tend to have characters. One match can be a slow playground battle with fewer risks while another one can be a vicious knife fight. New players can find it difficult to make quick significant progress in the game. However, the presence of a basic learning tutorial tends to soften things. To give you an exhilarating experience, the game allows players to play against the bots and other players of the same class. You must beat all the players in one level before proceeding to the next one.

3. Triple Triad

Triple Triad is one of the famous mobile collectible card games which came from Final Fantasy 8 that has managed to attract millions of players. The fact that the game runs perfectly on both Android and iOS platform means that players can enjoy it from wherever they are. It comes with a series of features that ensure both the novice and the experienced players enjoy the seamless gameplay.

Unlike in the past where Triple Triad was just a game under the Final fantasy app, you now have to download it as a spate app. It also comes with new rules and extra wrinkles. The new cards on the game are based on special characters, vehicles, and even enemies.

Triple Triad has a unique method of monetization known as F2P that is accompanied with micro-transactions. This format prevents players from buying cards. Instead, it allows them to purchase ‘Crystals’ which are used to earn additional time in the gameplay. Triple Triad boasts of excellent graphics and a user-friendly interface.

4. Pokemon TCG Online

This is the digital version of the Pokemon trading card game. It can be played on all smartphones and players are required to compete against each other while at the same time buy different collectible cards. The gameplay involves placing and removing cards from a virtual table.

Since this is an online game, it links players to an online portal where apart from accessing different resources, they can also interact with each other. Apart from playing with other players, the game allows one to play against the computer. This is usually in the trainer mode, which is meant to sharpen your skills before you face off with human players. Getting away with several wins in this mode boosts the number of your cards.

5. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a fun-packed digital card game that comes in both free and pay-to-play mode. Its main selling point is the interactive animation and graphics feature. Players tend to enjoy each minute of the game. It is one of the toughest digital card games that require some significant levels of patience. You may spend some considerable amount of time at one level before moving to the next one.

However, all is not gloom. You can get meaningful hints from other players who have made it, thanks to an open and interactive forum that allows different players to communicate without any limitations. One thing that makes the game challenging is that you have to make strategies right when the game is progressing. You don’t have time to plan for anything.

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