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6 Fun Games Like The Alchemist Code

By Gamer Dan December 18, 2017

The Alchemist Code is one of the more popular strategy games on the market right now. It’s grid-map strategy based style is very appealing to those who enjoy the classic feel turn-based combat with a lot of strategic thought.

But it’s also not the only game out there right now in that style. Here is a list of 6 games that are similar to The Alchemist Code.

Note: This list in no particular order or meant to gauge any games worth over another.

Number 6. Phantom of the Kill

Phantom of the Kill is a great tactical strategy turn-based game with a great story and design. Its animation style is a major pull for this one having a very Anime feel for it.

Its story mode is engaging and has great artwork. The overall design for Phantom of the Kill is just hands down alluring.

The gameplay is responsive and addicting following the grid-map tactical style. The combat is fluent and has an advantage wheel based on weapons vs. weapons adding more thought to unit attacks depending on the target’s weapon type.

The battle animations are great and add an extra feel to the combat. With each character having different animations for attacks, it’s a small touch but an appreciated one.

It also has a massive roster of available characters that can be obtained. Each one well designed making them all feel different and unique.

Phantom of the Kill is one of many tactical strategy games but it’s design and style really make it stand out.

Number 5. Fantasy War Tactics R

Fantasy War Tactics R gives a colorful take on the tactical RPG genre. Its design is very cartoony and filled with color and charm.

All the characters in the game have unique designs and really stand out in terms of difference compared to some games of the genre. But the art style adds an extra unique layer to the characters and really pushes the game out there more.

That’s Fantasy War’s biggest selling point, the art style is just great. The whimsical colorful animation is a style that should be used more and this game does it well.

The gameplay is fairly simple and familiar to all of the games on this list. It follows the same large open map with square placement.

Though a very small but nice touch is the lack of a colored grid map that appears. In most games of the genre, you get a very clear colored map to tell you where you can and can’t move units.

In Fantasy War, the map simply darkens the spaces you can’t move to. Everything else stays exactly the same letting the map actually be seen and admired without having a layer of red or blue squares laid over it.

I highly recommend Fantasy War for its art style and enjoyable gameplay.

Number 4. Lionheart Tactics

Lionheart Tactics is probably the one bare basic entry on the list but that’s not entirely a bad thing. It’s a lot simpler than some of the other games listed here.

The art style is nice and in its own way unique. Through the story scenes, characters take on portraits that look like they’ve been painted with watercolors and it really gives each character their own look and feel.

During a battle, the characters take on a more chibi style where they’re all tiny little people who kind of look like little toys. But the same washed out color look remains.

It feels like you’re playing with painted toy figures inside of a big toy box. And that is a great feeling to have when playing this.

The setting is typical modern fantasy with a slew of characters you can obtain. The combat is very simple and follows the same grid-format.

Much like the first two on this list, Lionheart Tactics biggest appeal is the art style. Having something fun to look at makes the game all the more enjoyable.

Number 3. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lion

Final Fantasy Tactics: WOTL is the only game on this list that is actually not free. It costs $11.99 but it is well worth the price tag.

The Final Fantasy Tactics series is one of the early founders of the tactical RPG and the War of the Lion mobile port is no exception.

The art style is astounding having the same look as most FFT games. The characters are all unique and really stand out.

The story it brings is great and the gameplay is just flawless. It’s one of the better turn-based strategy games out there and it is worth every penny.

Number 2. War of Crown

War of Crown is another more unique tactical strategy game in both it’s art style and the world. It uses the more cutesy chibi art style giving it a very light-hearted feel to the game itself.

Despite the chibi art style, all the characters are unique in their own design. Though there are a lot of duplicate characters based on different elemental versions.

The story of the game is great and there’s actually a lot to it having several different stories you can follow. The neat thing about War of Crown is how deep the lore of the game goes.

Every character has something tied into the game’s lore that adds more to the story just by reading backgrounds and character info. It’s a real treat for anyone looking for more than just gameplay.

Number 1. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is one of the best and probably most popular games on this list. It’s based on the Fire Emblem game series which all follow the same game format and style.

What makes Heroes so great is that aside from being a Fire Emblem game you have access to almost every single character from the entire game franchise. Its roster is massive and every single character is completely different in their visual design.

The gameplay shares the same classic feel as other games in the franchise and plays just as smoothly on a Mobile device. This game is nearly flawless and should be played by anyone who enjoys this genre of game.

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