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Firework Fair Event Guide (Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen)

By Gamer Dan March 15, 2018

By Sailor Drew

The firework fair event has started and it’s a bit complicated but we’ll get to that. For now, let’s take a look at the event mechanics

Event Mechanics

Play any stage in the game and you’ll be rewarded 1 to 3 yo-yo’s, the event currency. Upon reaching certain amounts you’ll be able to obtain goodies and piece of the bath and starry sky and a Yatai Waitress set.

What you claim is in a predetermined order so you cannot pick and choose what order you get them. If you want the Yatai Waitress set in totality you’ll have to go through all the milestones leading up to it which will have you complete the bath and starry sky set first.

To completely the bath and starry sky you’ll need 1800 Yo-Yos and 3600 stamina. To complete the Yatai waitress set and subsequently the starry sky set you’ll need at least 3800 Yo-yos and 7600 stamina.

The amount of yo-yos awarded does not increase if you place princess levels. So my suggestion is to put any princess level farming on hold and only concentrate on maiden farming for this event.

Additionally, make sure you log in during all stamina bonus times giving you 570 extra stamina as the event is 8 days long. Make sure to continually spend your stamina throughout the day as the refill timer stops if it sits at full or beyond.

Voting in the stylist competition and starry corridor will also help gain additional stamina. There are stamina packs in the user shop that will supplement any stamina deficiency you run into.

If my math is correct the best use of your diamonds is buying the small stamina pack as opposed to the other packs. Both sets are a little expensive so here are the totals of the goodies you get if you complete all of the milestones.

  • 210 Stamina
  • 130 Diamonds
  • 115 Starlight Coins
  • 50,000 Gold

Sounds easy right? Well…these are only for the non-ranked. For Miss Goldfish and Goldfish girl, you can only get through ranked. And they are only awarded after the event is over.

The more yo-yos you obtain during this event the higher your rank goes up. They are two separate suits but you get pieces from both depending on where you land in the ranks when the event is over.

Here is a simple way to determine what you get depending on your rank.

  • Players at 30,000-15,001: Shoes
  • Players at 15,000-8,001: Hand Stuff
  • Players at 8,000-3,001: Hair stuff and Hose
  • Players at 3,000-1,501: Clothing for both sets
  • Players at 1,500-501: Poses and Foreground
  • Players in the top 500: Firework background

You can look at the rank reward for a more in-depth look at the rewards and ranking tiers. Simple and easy right? Well…not necessarily.

If you’ve been paying any attention to any social media platforms you’ll notice people are not happy. The mechanics of the ranking events limit the person chances of completing the events fully.

Chances of completing the sets are not based on strategy or effect like all other events but based on how much money people are willing to spend on stamina recharges.

So, with that dose of painful truth let’s go back to the Maiden levels. If you’ve made the decision to not concentrate on the ranked suits then my advice is to focus on the Maiden levels until you reach the 3800 yo-yos needed for the bath and waitress sets.

After that, proceed as you normally would playing princess levels or whatever fits your need outside of the event. There are two suits available for purchase.

Alice Spacetime is a recharge suit and can only be obtained by making a diamond purchase of $4,99 or higher. Other packs like daily deals, user shop packs, or others do not count toward the requirements of the Alice Spacetime suit.

Not even the Clover Ceremony suit. It’s a mere $2.99 in order to obtain that suit as well.

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