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Epic Seven Re-Roll Guide – How To Get That Perfect Start!

By Matt November 26, 2018

By MasKScarin


Be sure to watch the video above. This guide bases around the most effective way to Re-Roll your account.

How To Get That Perfect Start

The point of Re-Rolling your account is all based on having the best startup in terms of the free things given at the beginning of the game. So in terms of free character summons if you get one you don’t like or isn’t good you can Re-Roll until you get one better.

Epic Seven makes it a bit easier to Re-Roll so it’s not as big of a hassle as it is in some games. When you start you can just use the Guest Login which will take you straight into the game.

Using the main login adds a bit of unneeded.time to the process. And this game has quite a download each time you do it so there’s already a lengthy start to it.

One thing to remember is that each time you do a Re-Roll you have to put in a name. So you have to have a new name each time because you can’t use the same name twice.


So what’s great about this game is it makes Re-Rolling easier. On each account, you get 30 Re-Rolls per account.

The first summons can be pulled 30 times per account. That way you have 30 first summons for you to go through.

And if none of them are what you want you can Re-Roll the account and do the 30 summons again. You can repeat this until you are happy with what you get.

And the general sense of what is considered “Happy” is getting one of the following characters.

Sez, who is extremely good at PvE.

Destina, who is the only 5-star Healer in the game so she is obviously important.

And Ravi has the best DPS in the game currently.

These are basically the best characters everyone agrees are the best to Re-Roll for. Now, with that said there is no point to try and Re-Roll until you get all three 5-stars because it’s not going to happen.

You can only get one 5-star per Re-Roll. So once you get one 5-star that is it for the free 30 summons.

Now let’s get into the actual mechanics of Re-Rolling. When you get into the game you’re going to play up until act 1-4.

At 1-4 you get a free summon. Then at 1-10, you get the free 30 rolls and you only get to keep one of them.

So for each account Re-Roll, you have to play through the tutorial and all the way up to 1-10.

The length process is playing up to 1-10. Having to do this every time is a bit annoying but the 30 free summons makes it better compared to some other gatcha games.

So on the chance that you pull your 5-star on the 1-4 summon that’s going to really give you a leg up when going up to 1-10. There is a stipulation in reference to the 5-stars, however.

In the case that you end up using sky stones to buy some bookmarks and do a few more pulls before 1-10, you could potentially get some good 4-stars. So if you get a good 4-star healer this matters as it shows in the video.

If you happen to get one of the good 4-star healers then Destina, do not keep that 5-star. Keep trying to pull until you get Sez or Ravi.

It’s far more beneficial to get one of those two with a 4-star healer than it is to get a 5-star healer. Now, if Destina is all you pull you could settle for that if it’s what you want.

But it would be better to do an overall re-roll and try it again. This is pretty situational and depends on what you end up getting in your first few summons before the 30 free ones.

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