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Epic Seven – All The Ways To Get Skystones

By Matt January 28, 2019

By Envy

Big thanks to Envy for all the information in the video above.

Ways to get Skystones

There are plenty of ways to get Skystones within Epic Seven that don’t require using real money for them. Skystones are an important resource because they allow you to get more character summons.

The first method of getting Skystones and the easiest is by playing through the story. Every mission can get you up to 15 Skystones if you’re lucky.

Just get a 3-star on each mission and you can get around 50 Skystones every chapter. Epic Seven is a very F2P(Free to play) friendly game so spending money helps but not as much as you’d think.

A big reason is that unlike most gatcha games, 5-star characters are not something you “need”. You can very easily go through the story with a good 3-star.

Yes, the higher star heroes are stronger and better in some regards. But this game is set up in a way that all characters are useful in some way whether they’re 3, 4, or 5-stars.

So, from story alone, you can get around 2.5 to 3 thousand stones. That’s not necessarily including the side stories, however.

Next up is to do the Arena. The Arena is fantastic because the NPC’s can give you a good chunk of Skystones and if you keep fighting them over and over it’s a good source.

After the Arena is the League. With the League, by placing in a League spot and keeping that the entire week you can get Skystones every week.

So say you are in League 9 and you hold it for a couple of weeks. That’ll get you 600 Skystones every week you are in that league.

It takes a little work to keep your spot in a League. But for a weekly income of Skystones, it is very much worth it.

Next is the Sanctuary in the Heart of Orbis. Go to improve buildings and make the Cradle of Life and Benedictory Sanctum.

Cradle of Life gives you 9 Skystones with it. While the Benedictory Sanctum increases Heart of Orbis rewards turning that 9 Skystones into 18 Skystones.

Another great spot is the Dailies. If you do them all you can net up to 40-50 Skystones a day.

And the more you do you’ll rank up and that’s always helpful and could get you even more. Dailies and challenges are extremely helpful.

Side Stories are also a good way to get Skystones. It’s much like Story where you get Skystones by getting 3-star rankings.

But you also get some from extra objectives just by doing the story. So between Story and Side Stories, you can get a really good amount of Skystones.

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