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CSR Racing 2 Guide (Tips and Tricks)

By Gamer Dan March 21, 2018

By The7WorldsGaming

Be sure to watch the video above. This guide is going to give you some tips on what to do how to be able to advance through the game faster than you usually will be able to.

Now the main thing that I want you guys to keep on is the rare imports on the bottom left and this is going to help you out a lot. Especially getting fusion parts and also getting Stage 6 upgrades for free and as you can see there at the top on the left side it says free in 2 hours and 18 minutes.

Every 4 hours you will get a free roll. I have gotten stage 6 upgrades for free and also fusion parts so that’s definitely something you want to be able to do every 4 hours if you can put a timer on your phone for every 4 hours it will definitely come in handy.

Because fusion parts play a big part in this game especially as you go on later into the gaming to tier 3 and tier 4 and especially tier 5. So make sure you keep an eye out for that.

One of the other things you want to do is you want to be able to join a crew. By joining the crew it’s not only gonna benefit you and maybe getting different Tunes but it’s also going to benefit you in a way that you can get extra money.

And you can just progress through the game a little bit faster as well by getting extra gold coins by you and your crew being able to do other stuff. So just make sure you definitely keep an eye out for that because that will come in handy being a part of a crew.

Now the next thing you want to check out is you are not limited to 6 cars. You are actually limited to way more than 6 cars and the way you can travel through your cars is on the right-hand side you’re going to see those inside the circle.

Go ahead and press that and this is going to show you your garages. So, for example, this is my garage one with some of my cars. My garage 2 with some of my cars and then my garage 3 which is just starting with tier 5 cars.

So make sure you keep an eye on that. Also, another thing that you can do is that if you have a car that you want to get fusion parts off Or for go ahead and buy two of those cars and you can actually go ahead and strip it and as you can see here it will tell you “are you sure do you want to strip that car” it will cost you some money.

But you are able to get fusion parts for that car so if you are in real need of some fusion parts for your car Make sure you buy an extra car and strip it. It will definitely help out, just don’t do it to the tier 5 cars because they do cost a lot of money.

So another thing you guys want to keep an eye out for is competitions like this. This will get you free gold coins by just completing it.

And also, for example, these kinds of cups, keep in mind it might require you to have a certain manufacturer or a certain upgrade or even a certain paint job. So make sure you check out the checklist and also the rewards because some of these are really good ways to get fusion parts and gold coins also.

Even silver keys and the silver keys will come in handy especially if you want to get higher-end cars and you don’t want to spend gold coins on it, or you don’t want to buy gold coins. You’ll be able to go into rare imports and as you can see you’ll be able to get silver keys, which will definitely help you get a chance at winning one of the rare cars.

Another thing if you do play this game a lot make sure you check this and you’re actually going to want to check it under your profile so under that little image of a human head and shoulders. So you want to keep an eye out for this because if you are on the table you will definitely get some stuff for being here on this list.

I’m currently number 52 and it says from 4 to 10 to 250 Bronze Keys from Second and third 35 silver keys and as first you get 65 silver keys. So make sure you keep an eye out for that right now.

Another thing you want to keep an eye on is on the right-hand side there will be an eye and this will just kind of show you the information that I was talking about earlier on how to strip.

How to sell your car. I really want to suggest selling your car or would suggest stripping the car because it will be a lot better.

Like I said earlier you can get fusion parts by stripping your car and you can also go into inventory and in inventory is going to show you your fusion parts. And it’s also going to show you your stage 6 upgrades that you might have available.

We’re going to go into customizing your car because I know there is always a lot of questions about how I can customize my car and the way you can do this here is, for example, You can set the paint that you want your car to be.

You’re going to see here what you can do with it, and then you can go here into the library and from here, I’m going to go into materials. From materials, I’m going to go ahead and select that steel polish and you can change it.

We’re going to go ahead and go into the most one of the most important parts of this game. Which is going to be buying a car.

Which is on the bottom Left-hand side. It will give you all the tiers, tier 1, 2, 3, Tier 4 and tier 5 and it will also show you all the manufacturers. If you don’t want to see the tier and you have a manufacturer you like let’s say Scion for some reason for the tier 1 there you go.

It will show you the deciding cars that are available. It’s going to show you all the gallery cars that are available and as you tap through them it will kind of show you that they are available.

There are also the live races and this is where you’re going to be able to race against other people. As you can see you’re going to be able to challenge people and you’re going to also be able to wait for them to challenge you.

You’ll be able to get silver keys and bronze keys, so you can see there on the bottom side of the screen it says 0, 3, 5, 7, & 9, so if you get in any of those when it strikes you’ll be able to get extra keys as well. So make sure you definitely keep an eye out on that.

Now the next thing I want to be able to show you guys is Crew Battles. Now with this one for the crew battles keep in mind you’ll be able to beat the boss and if you beat the boss he’ll offer you to pretty much race him for his car or a better car that will go to the next tier.

I would suggest just wait to do that until your car is completely maxed out on upgrades. And it’s fine too if you do beat the boss it will definitely help you out on some of these group battles.

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