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Top 10 Best Survival Games (Android / iOS) 2017

By: GoPlay There are dozens of survival games being released on iOS and Android so many that they can all start to blend together and be the same. The video above shows the top 10 best ones on the market and we’re going to go over why they are. More

Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks – Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Channel: Kluless Be sure to watch the video above as all information in this guide is pulled from it. This guide is about the best 10 tips for Kim Kardashians Hollywood. 10. Start Jobs and Don’t Complete Them for Cash Fast When you are ranked...


Top 10 Best Pro Tips for Beginners – Marvel Contest of Champions

Youtuber: Seatin Man of Legends Never sell your Champions Selling champions is a bad idea for many reasons. You might be enticed to sell them for gold or fragments, however, if you obtain a second copy of that champion you’re going to get double the rewards for selling that champion...


DFFOO Global Character Tier List

So having played a lot of DFFOO, we have compiled a tier list for global on recommended units you should be using. Now keep in mind that all characters at the current level can clear ALL regular content without much trouble. So it is more of who does a...


5 Fun Mobile Games Like Dissidia: Final Fantasy Omnia Opera

Having played a lot of Dissidia: Final Fantasy Omnia Opera (DFFOO) recently, I have a few below here that is quite similar to it. Have a look! Final Fantasy Record Keeper The player assembles a party of up to five members consisting of the main character Tyro as well as various...


Top 10 Best Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen (Tips and Tricks)

Overview Be sure to watch the video above as everything in this guide is based on it. This is a list of top 10 tips and tricks for Love Nikki Dress Up Queen. 1. Attributes Every item actually has 5 attributes so go to the wardrobe to view all 5. More

Top 10 Best Mobile Games of 2017

2017 was a good year for mobile games having a lot of great games being released. I’m going to go over what the best 10 games of 2017 were and why they are good and deserve to be recognized for it. 10. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Final...


5 Fun Mobile Games Like Fate: Grand Order

Fate: GO has been a huge hit among fans that love the Fate series. The mobile game itself has also proven to be popular. Below are 5 games that are similar to Fate/Grand Order. Fire Emblem Heroes The game is one of the first titles developed internally by Nintendo...