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Dragalia Lost Guide for Beginners [Top Tips and Tricks]

By Gamer Dan October 4, 2018


Welcome to the beginners tutorial for Dragalia Lost! We will providing the nitty gritty details of the game to give you a nice headstart to enjoying the game.

Gameplay and Leveling

Dragalia Lost is mostly an action RPG with hack and slash elements. The game is simplified for the casual player and they reduced the amount of skill icons that clutter the entire screen in other action RPGs.

This makes the battle ground cleaner and for those that like cutesy anime graphics, this is perfect.

On the top left corner, that is your character/team icons.  The bottom left is the dragon icon and your lead character. Right beside it is the skill icon that you can use to either attack your enemies or heal your allies depending on the character. On the bottom right, that is your friend helper skill icon. You only get one use if the helper is not on your friend’s list. You get three uses if he or she is your friend.

Keep in mind that once your skill is charged up, you can also switch to your other teammates and use their skills instead.

The friend skill can be used right at the start of the battle, whereas your skill needs to be charged up before you can use it the same goes for the dragon transformation.

For your dragon transformation, you can use it once you have defeated enough enemies or have gained enough dragon crystals while questing. Upon transformation, you can utilize the dragon skill for a set period of time. Improving the Dragon Bond will increase the duration of the transformation you can do that by feeding them food. We will go over that in the coming section.

As for movement and attacking, you can roll forward by swiping up or down to dodge attacks. By tapping on the screen, your character will attack whatever that’s in front of them. It is recommended that you move the character facing the enemy you want to attack. when casting your character skills it will aim at the direction that your character is facing.

You can also charge up your normal attack by holding tap on the screen. Charging your attack will help break enemies with guard shield.

While exploring the battlefield, you will sometimes find traps such as spikes or huge boulders trying to crush you. Use the forward roll to try and avoid taking damage from them.

Leveling is easy as you gain player experience for each battle you take on. When your player level increases, you get +1 max stamina. Stamina recovers by 1 every 6 minutes.


Auto for these kind of games are a given. The default is always off, so you can enable it whenever you just want to play it while you are watching TV.

The key thing you need to know about using auto is the AI will rush towards boss battles and ignore all side areas and potential treasures. They will also not use any skills, just regular attacks.

That means you will lose out on some rupies and items. Occasionally, rare monsters will appear and you might not kill them in time while in auto mode. This is the price you pay for autoing.


There are 5 main elements in the game. They are Flame, Water, Wind, Light and Dark.

The strength and weakness wheel of this game is quite similar to most other gacha games:

  • Flame > Wind
  • Wind > Water
  • Water > Wind
  • Light <-> Shadow

Dark and Light deal bonus damage to each other, so it is a double edged sword.

Characters (Adventurers)

This is where the collection begins. Characters range between 3 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best.

Each character will have the following values:

  • Element – Flame, Water, Wind, Light or Shadow
  • Type – Attack, Defense, Support or Healing
  • HP – Health Points
  • Strength – Calculates the attack of the character and determines the skill multipliers
  • Might – An indication of how strong the character is
  • Mana Circle – Unique to each individual character where you use mana stones to further improve the stats or learn new skills. Upon maxing out the first circle of mana nodes, elemental orbs are required to unlock the next level. Each new level requires more mana and elemental orbs to improve their stats or learn new skills.

You will be given a 4 star fire attacker right at the start as your main character. After progressing through the campaign, the other 4 star elements will be given to you. Karina is the water pirate, Ranzal is the wind axe attacker, Luca is the light archer and Cleo is the dark priest healer.

This should round up the elemental team given to you for free. They will carry you should you have the unlucky streak of bad pulls from the gacha. There is also the option of re-roll which we will go over in the re-roll section.

Weapons, Dragons and Wyrmprints

Each character can equip a weapon, a wyrmprint (which is a card) and a Dragon that you can transform into. By equipping them to your character, it will grant them bonus hp and strength. That increases your overall might, which is used to measure the strength of your squad.

Currently, weapons and wyrmprints range from 2 stars to 5 stars, while dragons range from 3 stars to 5 stars.

They all improve your overall might and is meant to compliment your character based on the selection of your choices.

Improving Your Might – Upgrading, Crafting and Enhancements

To further increase your might, you will want to upgrade your weapon, wyrmprint or dragon. Low level 2 star weapons are best used as experience for better 4-5 star weapons.

You can also buy powerful upgrade materials from the shop (upgrade essentials) for the following prices:

  • Gold Crystal (10k rupees) – large experience increase for characters
  • Succulent Dragonfruit (10k rupees) – large experience increase to level dragons
  • Gold Whetstone (10k rupees) – large experience power up for a weapon
  • Consecrated Water (10k rupees) – large experience gain for wyrmprints
  • Fiend’s Claw (200 rupees) – used for crafting weapons
  • Fiend’s Horn (1k rupees) – used for crafting weapons

I suggest spending your rupies on gold crystals to power up your characters to at least 30. You can then spend it on the dragonfruit on 4 star or higher dragons. If you have a good 4 or 5 star wyrmprint, consecrated water is a good investment.

Once you get a character/wyrmprint/dragon to level 30, the experience gain slows down. At that point, you will want to make a decision on whether to focus on just 1 character or spread it out to 4-6 characters.


Unbinding allows you to further increase the maximum level of your weapon, wyrmprint or dragon. To unbind an item you will need to feed 4 of the same item to itself 4 times. Increasing the max level further improves your overall might once you upgrade it.

Here are my suggestions for what to focus on when it comes to upgrading:

1 – Weapons

Weapons are easy to upgrade and I recommend them as the first ones to upgrade. At the start, you will be able to craft 3 star weapons. Use 2 star weapons to upgrade your 3 star weapons to max level. Unbind them to increase the max level.

Once you are able to craft 4 star weapons, you can craft 3 star weapons to level them.

2 – Dragons

You can transform into the dragon you equip to your character once the blue bar is 1/2 full. You can then use their specials and their normal attacks to destroy your foes.

Now each character can equip whichever dragon you have in your inventory. Upon completion of chapter five, you will have all 5 elemental dragons that will aid you. Each dragon has a unique ability that will boost your character’s overall might.

  • Brunhilda (Flame) – Increase flame character’s strength by 15%
  • Mercury (Water) – Increase water character’s Hp by 15%
  • Midgardsormr (Wind) – Increase wind characters hp and strength by 8%
  • Jupiter (Light) – Increase light characters hp and strength by 8%
  • Zodiark (Shadow) – Increase shadow character’s strength by 15%

Now all of them are good, so it comes down to preference. If you like area of effect skills, then flame, wind, light and dark dragons have it. Only the water dragon has a single target skill.

3 – Wyrmprints

If you can get a good wyrmprint that complements your character, upgrade it to the max would be good. You will want to pay attention to the bonus abilities that a wyrmprint gives. Some are more beneficial to attackers while others are great for casters/supports.

Here are some examples:

  • Full HP = Skill Damage +25%
  • Skill Haste +3%

The above skills are good for ranged attackers that will seldom take damage. Not very useful at all for melee attackers.

  • Skill Damage +20%
  • Strength Doublebuff +5%

The above skills are great for melee attackers such as our starting flame main character.


The question of re-rolling is always a popular thing to do for gacha games similar to this. Keep in mind that when you pull, it is best to do the 10x summon as it guarantees a 4 star item of either a character, wyrmprint or dragon.

Since it is a numbers game, a good 5 star roll of either a good character or dragon is ideal. When re-rolling, you get 20x summons to try and get a good pull.

Below is a list of characters or dragons worth going for thanks to


Tier 1

Xander (Water) – Xander has a more consistent kit compared to Mikoto, but relies on Force Strikes. He has extremely high damage potential with 40% bonus to Force Strikes, a decent attack buff, and a skill that scales doubly with buffs.

Hildergarde – Hildegarde’s healing is invaluable in high-level content, and she sets herself apart from other healers with her strong healing-over-time buff. Skill Prep is great, allowing her to frontload pinch healing on boss stages with shorter or no pre-stage. With Jeanne as a Dragon, she can reach high levels of HP, allowing Hildegarde to survive strong boss attacks. Her low damage output means she will need to be paired with damage dealers. Overall, Hildegarde is of the most reliable Adventurers around.

Hawk (Wind) – Hawk’s ability to not only stun people from range but punished stunned enemies with extra damage makes him a safe and effective unit. Teamwide gauge gain aids his ability to continue the stun train.

Mikoto (Fire) – Mikoto’s kit is very much geared towards offense.  A universally applicable Strength Buff on Co-Ability make him useful in any case.  Meanwhile, his attack rate and Crit buffs establish him as a high damage dealer that’s easier to utilise than Force Strikes.

Nefaria (Dark) – Nefaria is the queen of Dark Adventurers, bringing high damage, a great weapon type and useful support skills to the fight. Being a bow-user means Nefaria has a long attack range, allowing her to avoid attacks more easily. Her ability to inflict Blind greatly reduces the threat of enemies, and gives a substantial damage increase. Nefaria also resists Paralysis, an annoying status affliction. She caps everything off with one of the best Co-Abilities in Skill Haste, which is beneficial for all types of units.

Tier 2 

Ezelith (Fire) – Ezelith’s Infernal mode has dual utility of increasing her own attack and reducing enemy defense (indirect strength up) for 15 seconds, with Broken Punisher to finish off the boss for good. Unfortunately, like Xanfried she lacks the means to take advantage of these skills herself.

Xanfried (Dark) – Xanfried’s huge 15 second 15% partywide Strength buff is the strongest base active buff so far, making him very useful to other characters’ offense. Lengthened Dragon duration to self is very strong and synergizes with his strengthen on transformation buff. Although these traits bring much value, he lacks the skills to be a true DPS.

Maribelle (Wind) – Maribelle has good burst potential with all her skill damage buffs. However, her biggest skill damage steroid requires full HP, lowering her consistency.


Top Tier

Agni (Fire) – Agni’s 40% Strength up to Fire characters is currently ties with Zephyr for the highest attack up in the game. His boost in fire power combined with a huge damaging ability means total demolition.

Zephyr (Wind) – Zephyr’s 40% Strength up buff to Wind character currently ties with Agni for the highest in the game. Not only does Zephyr’s skill do large damage, but it has a guaranteed stun on it, invaluable for extra time on a boss’ combat loop.

Re-roll Steps

For those that want to know how to re-roll, have a look at this guide from reddit.

For a much shorter version, I quoted some stuff below:

For iOS:

  • Delete the app entirely

  • Re-download

For Android:

  • Go to Settings

  • Select Apps & notifications

  • Select Dragalia (should be near the top as a recent app)

  • Tap on Storage

  • Clear Cache

  • Clear Data (after the clear, should have roughly 187 MB remaining)

  • Start the app, you’ll need to download the data again

How to get an initial 21 free summons.

  1. Now that you’ve cleared you data and have downloaded it again, you’ll be at the main menu.
  2. Skip account linking.
  3. Use automatic settings.
  4. Go through the prologue, pressing “SKIP” at the bottom right corner whenever possible.
  5. Collect your daily and launch celebration bonuses.
  6. You’ll be prompted to do the free summon. Do that.
  7. Tutorial will now have you select “Optimize” for your team.
  8. The game will force you into the quest map.
  9. Back out of the map when you get to level select.
  10. Tap on “More” at the bottom right.
  11. Tap Friends
  12. Tap Helper Settings
  13. Set the freely summoned unit as your helper by tapping on it. There should now be a gold check mark on that unit.
  14. Press “Home” at the bottom left corner.
  15. Press the Jumpstart Endeavors button. Looks like a little paper.
  16. Go to Normal and press Accept All. This will give you 325 Wyrmite.
  17. Close the popup and close the next screen.
  18. Select Gifts at the top-right corner of the screen.
  19. Accept All gifts from Limited and No Limit sections. This will total 2800 Wyrmite.
  20. Close the screens once all are claimed. You should now have a total of 3125 Wyrmite.
  21. Go to Summon and use Tenfold Summon TWICE!
  22. Decide if you got acceptable pulls!

Castle and Buildings

Your castle is where you get to upgrade and collect resources such as rupies. There are a couple of key buildings you will want to pay attention to.

  • Halidom – This is your main building. Leveling it allows you to build new facilities. In order to level up your Halidom, you will need to upgrade enough levels of other facilities and have the required materials.

  • Dragon Roost – This is the place where you bond with the dragons by giving them food.
  • Rupie Mine – This is the building that generates rupies. This is great for the casual player. However, for active players, it is not that great since you can farm avenue of treasure for a lot more rupies.
  • Altar of Flame/Water/Wind/Light/Shadow – These are your elemental structures that boosts the health and attack power of your characters. I recommend upgrading the element where you have the best adventurers.
  • Blacksmith – Allows you to craft stronger weapons. The requirement for 4 star weapons is level 4 and level 7 for crafting 5 star weapons.


Daily events are a great way to gain resources you need to upgrade your character’s overall might. The two events you will always have access to are:

Avenue to Power

This event will give you crystals to level your characters. The daily bonuses for Beginner gives 6 silver crystals and Standard gives 3 gold crystals.

When you complete the map, you get:

  • Beginner – Bronze and silver crystals
  • Standard – Bronze, silver and the occasional gold crystal
  • Expert – Much higher chance for gold crystals

Initially, you will want to spend time to upgrade your characters to at least level 20 for some decent might increases.

Avenue to Fortune

This event gives you more rupees than other maps. Since rupees are used in many ways such as upgrading buildings, feeding dragons and unbinding weapons, it is key to have as much as possible.

From what I know you average:

  • Beginner – About 1800 rupies
  • Intermediate – About 4500 rupies
  • Expert – About 7000 rupies

These are rough figures, provided that you didn’t auto and you destroyed the treasure boxes before the boss.

Elemental Event

So every week, the event to get elemental orbs will change.

  • Sunday & Monday – All elemental dungeons open
  • Tuesday – Flame
  • Wednesday – Water
  • Thursday – Wind
  • Friday – Light
  • Saturday – Shadow

I suggest stock piling on the weekends. The daily bonus will grant you higher level orbs when you do harder versions, so keep that in mind.

Daily Quests

Make sure to do all of the daily quests for the following bonuses:

  • Item summon once – 1500 mana
  • Clear avenue of power – 3000 rupees
  • Collect rupees from a facility – 1 silver whetstone
  • Clear a quest via co-op – 100 eldwater
  • Clear 5 quests – 1 blessed water

This will give you 50 wyrmite daily. Daily quests reset at 8 UTC time daily.


Doing co-op will allow you to gain items, player and character experience without having to use any of your energy (except for co-op feathers). It is great for active players. So if you find yourself running out of energy, just do co-op and you can increase your player level that way.

Below are some maps that is recommend to do as co-op:

  • Mercury (Water) Trial
  • Zodiark (Shadow) Trial

Both of these trials are extremely hard solo because your other characters aren’t good at dodging skill shots of the dragons.

For Mercury, he will start charging up a large AoE attack that is deadly if you get caught in it. Your AI controlled characters will be destroyed by it.

For Zodiark, he will splash a large rectangular line of purple gooey that will kill any character that steps on it. Its a 1 hit KO .

With regular players, they will know how to dodge it. AI is pretty useless in both scenarios.

Earning Wyrmite (Real Currency)

Wyrmite is the currency you can earn in game to use it for gacha summon.

Thankfully, they are quite generous with wyrmite at the moment. For each mission you complete for the first time and completing all objectives, you get 25 wyrmite.

Quest missions and milestones will get you some additional wyrmite. Doing co-op missions with 3 new players grants 150, but only for the short period of time. I think it caps at 2500 wyrmites.

Daily quests give 50 wyrmites.

Daily login currently gives 150 wyrmites as they are doing the launch celebration.

Reading adventurer and dragon stories give 10 wyrmites each, while finishing a chapter of a story gives you 25 wyrmites.

Earning Rupees

Earning rupees is vital in a few areas. They are used when:

  • crafting weapons
  • feeding dragons to increase bond
  • buildings and building upgrades
  • buying items for upgrade essentials shop

The fastest way to earn rupees is to do avenue of treasure. Spend your co-op energy to find standard/expert avenue of treasure rooms. It will give about 4500/7000 rupies per run.

The other method is to collect rupees from the rupie mine. You are welcome to upgrade the rupie mines for more rupie generation.

Bonus Tips

  • Use the free item summon for extra rupees and upgrade materials
  • Using friends to get 3 extra skills to use instead of one
  • Use co-op and use the help of other players to take on missions you cannot complete yourself (mission objectives get completed even if you joined other player’s room)
  • Rolling is a great way to get out of many attacks, practice using it after normal attacks, you will need it against tougher bosses.
  • Add powerful friends that can cover your weaknesses. If you have many healers, add strong attackers and vice versa.

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