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Arknights Currency Guide for Beginners [Global Prep]

By Gamer Dan December 26, 2019


With global Arknights coming soon, players can now start reading up guides to get a head start in the game.

By: Peacecow

Peacecow gives us a quick rundown on Currency and what to pay attention to. Check out the channel!

Currency Guide

We’ll be going over to the various currencies along with their main use and the different ways to get them.

Before we start, as of the time of this recording not all official names of the currencies have been released and there will be discrepancies in the name. The items are still the same.

Starting off, we have our main money currency called lungmen dollars and this is used in mostly leveling as well as a leading your operators.

You obtain the dollars by:

  • Clearing stages in general, clearing the specific CE stages.
  • From the trade center of your base
  • Green certificate trading
  • First time annihilation clears

Then, let’s talk about the premium currency.

Originate Prime – this is used from purchasing skins, furniture, refilling sanity to the conversion of gacha currency.

The only way to get this is either through your first three-star clear of a stage or the clearing of its raid mode or through real money transactions.

We have the gacha currency.

Artificial Originate – this is the currency used in premium operator recruitment . There are actually many ways to earn it.

You can get them from:

  • The daily and weekly missions annihilation mode.
  • Monthly 600 from trading green certificates
  • The trade center premium level packs
  • Direct conversion of originated prime

The next one isn’t really a currency but it is important enough so it is worth mentioning.

Combat records – these are experience cards for leveling up your operators. It is important to farm and obtain these workers as they are the only way to level up your operators. The main way to get these records are either from completing LS stages or having the production room in your base produce them.

Now, let’s explain the certificates starting with ring certificates. These are used for material trading. The materials are separated into three tiers, with each tier unlocked only after the current tier has been completely cleared out.

The shopper resets every month and the timers are shown at the bottom right of the menu. Green certificates are attained by recruiting 4 star or lower operators, trading in duplicates of 3 star or lower operators and first-time clears for annihilation mode.

Yellow certificates are used in trading high rarity materials and the 2 showcase operators. There are no unlockable tiers and the shop refreshes every two weeks.

What the timers shown on each individual item yellow certificates are attained by recruiting any operator for the first time, recruiting 5 star or higher operators, trading in duplicates of 4 star or higher and first-time clears for annihilation mode.

Last but not least, we have red certificates. These are used in trading for potential boosts and to specific operators. The shop does not have a rotation and usually doesn’t change its contents.

You can get red certificates by clearing the AP stages, completing the daily and monthly missions and from the daily login checklist.

Next up is friend credit. These are used for trading a variety of materials and other currencies depending on what is in the store at that time.

You are able to go above the limit of 300 but you will only be able to carry over a maximum of 300 to the next day. The shop refreshes daily so be sure to check that you’re not overflowing.

You gain friend credits on a daily basis according to how much atmosphere your dorms have, whether or not you used a support operator from a friend and whether or not a friend used your support operator.

The score is accumulated and received every day at reset. At the top right corner of the friend credit shop, you also gain these credits by collecting clues in your Lobby, hosting an investigation by collecting all seven clues, joining other friends that are hosting investigations, handing out clues or receiving clues.

Finally we have bolts and hammers. These two icons are essentially the same thing. Bolts and hammers are used in purchasing furniture.

They are also obtained by

  • either breaking down furniture,
  • breaking down carbon bundles,
  • completing SK stages
  • completing the daily and weekly mission
  • the green ticket shop
  • the daily login checklist

This sums up the entire currency in the game and I hope this has given you a better understanding of the game.

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