The Alchemist Code Items

Saint’s Robe

MDEF +15 This special robe, which is also used for ceremonial purposes, grants holy protection to the wearer. The modest decorative elements incorporated into it are designed so as not to impede movement, and each one provides a different defensive effect. Children in mage families are given robes such as this once they come of age.






HP+7 魔攻+25 魔防+20 素早さ+2 火耐性+2 雷耐性+2 美しい銀髪と可憐な容貌と、雪山にあるアインツベルンに住むことから「雪の妖精」に喩えられ、紫のコートはその白さを際立たせる。防寒具としては勿論、魔術回路を補強する力も備えている。

Marriage Letter

[Bridge/Bridegroom-Only Equipment] LUCK +16, MATK +20, HP +24, Blind Res +1, Charm Res +1 This letter, a symbol of celebration, glows with a dazzling light. It was written by a joyful man and woman vowing to spend the rest of their lives together, and brings good fortune to all those who take it in hand. It is also said to blow away dark clouds that hang over the future, and to guard against seduction by others.

Morning Star

PATK +12, MATK +9, CRIT +6 This bludgeoning weapon is a variation on a mace, featuring two iron balls attached to its end by chains. It packs considerable destructive power, and perhaps because of its relation to the mace, it also slightly enhances the bearer's magical energy.






物攻+12 物防+8 器用さ+9 素早さ+6 死の宣告耐性+2 ルール違反の召喚により、アサシンとして召喚された無名の剣士が身に着けていた着物。優れた武芸者の戦装束として、攻撃力や素早さだけでなく、死の宣告への耐性も上がる。

Research Notebook

DEX +16 An old research notebook. It was used by a renowned mage to note down spells, and contains a wealth of different knowledge. The notebook itself is also enchanted, and simply opening it up will boost one's abilities.