The Alchemist Code Items

Gear Rod

MATK +20 This special rod combines the mechanical technology of Slothstein with the magical technology of Lustburg. The complex mechanism incorporated into its design serves to automatically amplify the wielder's magical energy when the rod is used.

Lucky Rabbit Figurine

LUCK +20 This rabbit figurine is thought to bring good luck to its owner. Simply placing it nearby will produce this effect, but it is also said that when the moonlight hits it the rabbit will come to life and summon a whole herd of its comrades. Although this is only a rumor, many people believe it to be true.

Mechanical Wing

A mechanical wing created using the technology of Slothstein. Simply carrying it on one's person boosts agility and nimbleness. The mechanism behind it is so complex that few people understand it, and examples of its type are rarely seen on the market.






HP+15 物攻+9 器用さ+7 素早さ+6 暗闇耐性+2 白兵戦時にはアクロバティックな戦闘を得意とし、素早い動きを阻害しない作りとしなやかな素材でできている。身にまとうことで、俊敏な動きを手助けする効果があり、暗闇耐性も備える逸品。

Picmy Figurine

Stun Res +1, Paralyze Res +1, Sleep Res +1, Petrify Res +1 A figurine modeled after a well-known mythical creature called a Picmy. Picmies love getting up to mischief and playing tricks on people, but hate nothing more than having tricks played on them. Old texts cite this as the reason for the Picmy being used to represent resistance against status ailments.






HP+16 物攻+5 物防+16 魔攻+18 素早さ+2 水耐性+2 凛のイメージカラーである赤を配置した凛の服。胸元には白いクロスのような模様が施されている。可愛らしく動きやすい服は攻撃力や素早さを上げると言われている。