The Alchemist Code Items

Master Blacksmith Token

Required in order to change to the "Master Blacksmith" job type


HP +24, PATK +9, MATK +6 This beautiful circlet has been crafted from an ore that flows with magical energy. As well as raising the wearer's powers of sorcery, it also boosts physical strength. The stone at its center contains Alchemia, and is said to grant a blessing upon those with low stamina.

Event Ticket

Event Ticket

Glass Pen

DEX +20 This pen is made from glass created using Alchemy. Words written with it never fade, and it is also said to bring good fortune to its owner. Despite its fragile appearance, most blows will not even leave a scratch on it.

Great Axe

PATK +16, MATK +12, CRIT +9, Fire Res +1 This double-bladed axe was made to be used with one hand, but its weight means that doing so requires considerable strength and skill. The skull in its center gives the weapon a somewhat sinister appearance, but it was in fact originally designed to ward off evil.






HP+15 物攻+16 物防+10 器用さ+8 素早さ+8 激しい槍の動きにも十分に対応する青い戦闘服。一体型のスーツになっており、首元と肩を守る肩当も装備されている。身に着けると、体になじみ様々な能力を上げると言われている。

Knight Chess Piece

LUCK +12, AGI +3, CRIT +9, Dark Res +1 This knight piece comes from a custom-made chess set crafted using a magical ore, and is not available for general sale. It is imbued with divine blessings, and can be used as either an actual chess piece or a talisman.

Magus Hood

MDEF +12 Thick hoods of this type are often worn by intermediate-level mages. It is as light as a feather, but also offers substantial protection against magic. There is even a tale of a mage wearing one such hood who fell to earth from high up in the sky and landed without a scratch.