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Character Guide – Upgrading, Leveling, Gear, Limit Breaking etc

By Gamer Dan January 14, 2018

Welcome to the Alchemist Code character guide. In this tutorial, we will go over the basics for powering up your character. Below are the different ways you can do it.


The most standard way to do it is to just do story mode to level up. I suggest using skip tickets if you want to speed it up a little. Also, you can also have 2 back up characters in your roster that can gain experience once you have more than 6 characters. I suggest doing a multi-summon once you have enough gems to do it. You will at least have 4 star characters in your team.

Quick Experience with Golden Apple

You can also utilize these apples for fast experience, but only up to a certain point. To use then, open the character menu, click on enhance unit on the bottom right. You can only feed it up to your player level. So if you are level 21, you can only get all your characters to level 21. So you can only max a characters level once your player level is over 85.

Increasing Stats

You can also power up your character by equipping them with items to make them stronger. Each character will have better stats in certain areas, depending on its class. For example:

  • Tanks – Generally more HP, Defense but lower in Dex and Agi.
  • Assassins – Generally have more stats in Dex, Agi, Crit and Luck while losing out on HP and Defense.
  • Mage – High magical attack and defense, poor in physical attack and defense.

Each character will require various items to level up. You will want to find the items required to equip by hovering over the unit and looking at what you need. You can also click on the items and it will let you know where you need to farm to get the item.

Job Level Up

Upon finding all 6 items and you equip them, your job will level up and you gain bonus stats. Each subsequent job level up requires better items and you will need to do harder story mode to obtain those items. Some items also require fusion in order to equip.

Limit Break

Limit breaks is also a good way to improve the overall potential of your character. The reason is that it will increase your unit’s max level, which means more stats in the end. However, you need to acquire soul shards to limit break them.

Most soul shards can be obtained from the shop or secret shop. Some soul shards are more rare and will require a bit of luck to get it. A lot of 5 star unit soul shards are only available via gems, so you will want to save up gems to buy them.

The cost in Soul Shards increase every 5 Limit Breaks. It starts with 5 Souls Shards until you complete your first star, then 10, 15, 20 and finally 25 per Limit Break.

I would say limit breaking is more for advanced players and I won’t recommend you worry too much about this, especially in the beginning stages of the game, where your main focus will be to level up your characters to max level.


Leveling up abilities will also help make your character stronger. You can upgrade abilities by looking at their skills under the ability section. You will need a lot of zeni to upgrade abilities. The initial levels are relatively cheap, but as you upgrade abilities for many characters, the zeni cost will start adding up and soon enough you will run out of it.

For example, Fung Liu is a magical attacker and his skills are mainly magic based and new skills such as counter magic can be unlocked later on.

It is really important to spend gold on the abilities because it will unlock some additional abilities upon reaching certain levels inside a given category, and will make your skills more powerful during battles.


Collecting gear or buying gear from the secret shop will drastically improve your character stats. However, it will take longer to attain if you are free to play. I only suggest doing this once you have spare gems saved up after you have built a solid roster to clear story content with ease.

Another tip is to only pull when there is a gear summon banner that guarantees a rare item.

Other Tips

  • Utilize Leader skills to improve overall damage of your entire team. When you set up a team, you have to assign a leader. If your leader has a Leader skill, then its effect will be activated.
  • Only upgrade characters you use often. Do not waste it on characters just because they look cool.
  • Make sure to upgrade at least 1 healer type character. In the latter stages, keeping your units alive become vital. Many objectives have “no dead characters bonus”, which gives good rewards upon completing objectives.

Check out MonsterDFace’s video for more tips!

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