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7 Tips and Tricks for The Alchemist Code

By Gamer Dan December 30, 2017

Watch the video above for reference to everything mentioned in this guide. Big thanks to Rhuse for making it.

The Alchemist Code Beginners Guide

Hey everyone and welcome to The Alchemist Code Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide. In this guide, we will go over on how to play this game as a newbie the right way.

Tip 1

Tip number 1 is to focus on the main story quest. Focusing on the main story gives a ton of player XP and raising player level is very important as it reflects the max level your unit can achieve.

For example, if your player level is currently 10 then all of your units can only reach level 10. Once your player level goes up to 11 then all your units can go up to level 11 as well.

Tip 2

Do every single mission achievement in the game. By doing so it will reward you with not only a ton of free gems but also a ton of player experience points.

This is actually one of the best ways to get your player level up really quick. Besides those two I mentioned you can also get rewarded with soul shards for Dias and Loki, some Zeni, ingots, summoning tickets for apples and also tickets for equipment.

Tip 3

Do all of your dailies. Doing daily missions are very similar to mission achievements except for that dailies restart every 24 hours giving you the ability to reap the same rewards again. Doing dailies will give you ingots, player xp, gems and also free AP.

Tip 4

Tip number 4 is to buy every single skip ticket, apples summoning tickets, equipment summoning tickets, and apples you see in the in-game shop. The shop will ask for Zeni as a form of currency.

There are some items that will ask for gems as currency but I do not recommend buying those items. The shop refreshes its inventory every 5 hours. You can speed up the process by paying 50 gems but again, not recommended.

In any case, you should buy every single item I mentioned whenever possible.

Tip 5

Play multiplayer. Multiplayer allows you to play with other players in real time. It also rewards everyone with the same loot.

Playing multiplayer is beneficial for everyone, so play as much as you can. You are able to access every event quest that is available also in multiplayer.

If you host an event the AP cost for that event is cut in half. So any event you would play by yourself will cost half of the normal cost with a multiplayer party.

Now, participating in someone else’s game does not cost any AP at all. So feel free to join as many games as you want.

Playing multiplayer also rewards players multiplayer coins. Hosting the game will give the host 60 coins, and joining someone else’s game will give you 30 coins.

These coins can be traded for soul shards, apples, gear schematics, alchemy materials, evolution materials, and job tokens. Also as a bonus the first 10 players you meet in multiplayer award you 25 gems per person.

Tip 6

Play Arena. Each play gets issued every 5 arena orbs every 24 hours in their account. Keep in mind that these orbs do not regenerate like some other games. There is also a 5-minute cooldown per orb usage.

In the arena, the A.I plays your team for you so you can choose to watch or skip the fight. Doing arena rewards players with arena tokens, player XP, gem, and ingots.

Rewards increases based on your arena ranking. Arena tokens can be turned in for ingots, soul shards, apples, job tokens, and alchemy materials.

Tip 7

Always make main characters relevant. Main characters are locked into story quests so you cannot sub them out for other units. Always level them up and gear them up to increase their efficiency and survivability.

Once the main character is K.O in the story its game over. Make Dias and Loki unlock their second job options as soon as possible.

Now, these two main characters are actually pretty good considering the fact they start off with a high jewel rate on the beginning turns. So they are good staple characters.


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